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Dr. Mohammed Azam Danish (Dr. Azam) - Consultant Anesthesiologist & Critical Care Specialist - Dr. Mohammed Azam Danish aka Dr. Azam is a Consultant Anesthesiologist andCritical Care Specialist at B.M.Jain Hospital Bangalore

Country:, North America, US

City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • Amazon Customer - Parfait! Wunderbar!

    This is a very cool and well designed unit. It is much better than the other type unit we were using prior to ordering this one. We would fully endorse this product and recommend it to any wine consumer. It also works on bottled beer just as well. Get your drink on! What are you waiting for?

  • Sarah Cantu - Instant Results in Days! :)

    This acne kit effectively reduces severe acne. I would definitely recommend using 2 to 3 times a week in order to get the best results. Use it daily and it may be too much acne medication for your skin! I've done it and it dried my skin out to the point where it hurt to smile or make any facial expressions. The cleanser is a white liquid formula with no scrubbing beads, but you can feel the medication working on your pores as your scrub. So that's Step 1. I believe Step 2 is what contributes to most of the dryness because it's a toner with alcohol as one of the main ingredients. Steps 3 & 4 are just day and night acne lotions for the face, the last steps of the regime that help restore some of the moisture that was lost during Steps 1 & 2. Overall, a very effective acne kit. Most definitely will purchase again!

  • Chelsea - Great tasting vitamin

    I love these vitamins. They have a great taste and are not waxy or nasty tasting. The raspberry taste was very pleasing and not overwhelming. They are a great multivitamin for people who don't like chewing chalky vitamins or swallowing vitamins. The added benefit of support for nail, hair, and skin is an added bonus.

  • G Yo - Not sturdy enough for a 4-yr old

    The 4-yr old broke the gun stock extension shortly after arrival. Looked sturdy enough to me, but that's a 4-yr old boy for you. The scope and calibration for a 58" large screen TV are virtually useless, so you just have to learn to use the "X" on the TV like a laser sight. You can't use the scope as if it were a real crosshair.

  • Angelica Weber - This is awesome!

    Love this. Informative, easy to use. Interesting to revisit after the year is done. So glad this is made. I love this!