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DR BRONWYN HAMILTON - OBSTETRICIAN & GYNAECOLOGIST - MITCHAM PRIVATE HOSPITAL - MELBOURNE EASTERN WOMEN'S SPECIALISTS - Female Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, catering for women of all ages and backgrounds looking for a positive, caring and approachable Specialist to care for

  • http://www.drbronwynhamilton.com.au/about/ About | Dr. Bronwyn Hamilton - Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Melbourne - Qualifications: MBBS (Hons) Monash University 2005 Member of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists 2014 Fellow of
  • http://www.drbronwynhamilton.com.au/pregnancy-care/ Pregnancy Care | Dr. Bronwyn Hamilton - Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Melbourne - Your first antenatal visit is usually between 8-10 weeks of pregnancy. This visit will involve a medical check-up and a discussion to plan your pregnancy. This
  • http://www.drbronwynhamilton.com.au/gynaecological-services/ Gynaecological Services | Dr. Bronwyn Hamilton - Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Melbourne - Bronwyn provides a wide range of Gynaecological Services which include: Contraception Including Insertion of Mirena, Implanon Abnormal bleeding and
  • http://www.drbronwynhamilton.com.au/faq/ Faq | Dr. Bronwyn Hamilton - Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Melbourne - Q Is it safe to dye my hair during pregnancy? A There is no known problems with dyeing or bleaching your hair in pregnancy Q Is it safe to have a spray tan in
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  • Emily C. - My nine month old really enjoys this

    My nine month old loves this toy. She sits and slaps it and laughs at the little fish floating around inside. She also likes to sit on it and bounce up and down, I guess because it feels funny and makes silly noises. It was easy to inflate and then fill with water, though I am glad I didn't fill it as full as possible. It's a little awkward to move it around after it's filled, but I don't plan on moving it very much. The plastic is pretty thick like most pool toys so I'm not too worried about it leaking. I feel like she would've also enjoyed this at an earlier age before she was so mobile. I did receive this product at a discount to review honestly, but the discount has no bearing on my review.

  • Jana Snodgrass - Living Cookbook 2013

    I love this program. I love the ease of adding recipes. Wish I had bought it earlier. Would definitely recommend it!

  • Amazon Customer - Finally on the right path to optimal health!

    I have tried so many different products and prescriptions to feel healthy again and found that most had me feeling worse. I bought this book expecting more of the same results but figured I would give it the 30 days and hope for a good outcome. Well I am now about 80 days in and feeling the best I have in a very long time. Blood work is in a few weeks so that will confirm one way or the other if indeed I am on the right path. I feel so great physically as well as mentally and have even lost 7 pounds since starting. This book was so well written and very enjoyable and what it taught me about overall health and the negatives of taking most prescription drugs was very enlightening. If you are looking to get your health back the natural way then Over the counter natural cures is a must read!!!!

  • T. Taggart - NOT an upgrade to prior versions

    This software is NOT an upgrade to prior versions of Printmaster. I have used Printmaster, both platinum and regular, for 15 years and cannot say enough good things about these products. Printmaster Platinum 2012 is NOT backward compatible with prior products, and, in my opinion, is a giant step backwards for Borderbund. There currently is NO solution on Windows 8 for happy users of the old printmaster products. If Broderbund does not offer a solution in the future, I ask all users to boycott Broderbund products until they regain the wisdom of prior corporate management.

  • Kaleb - Couldn't get the gun to work properly.

    No matter how many times I calibrated it there wasn't anyway to get the gun to work in a consistent manner. It doesn't work with larger TVs.