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  • Southern Gentleman - Outstanding. A thorough preview from people who know football ...

    Outstanding. A thorough preview from people who know football and can actually write. I grew up in the days of football annuals that provided light overviews of numerous teams. This is an in-depth look at the only college team I care about. I will be buying these for as long as they put them out.

  • sheena swain - Wonderful

    I love the book for so many reasons.first it has lots of gossips and drama.Secondly, who doesn't love awesome sleep over wars??as you can obviously see this is an absolute best book ever in history.

  • C. LaPole - 15 year old dishwasher works like new!

    Our 15 year old Hotpoint dishwasher was no longer cleaning our dishes. Food particles and soap would be left on the dishes at the end of the cycle and the soap would not be fully dissolved and would be running down the door. I was taking the inside apart to check the filters, float, drain, etc. to see if I could find the problem and came across this part. The rubber nut was almost completely disintegrated. I did a little research and decided to take a chance to see if replacing this would do the trick. It came fast and was super easy to install- take out 4 screws and remove a plastic grate, unscrew old piece and screw in this piece, replace grate and screws. Our dishwasher now works just as well as it did when it was brand new! I couldn't be happier!

  • Lois Brunner - I HAVE NOT USED THIS AS YET

    I have not put this into use as yet, so I am not really qualified to rate it. Hopefully, I am going to be glad I purchased it.

  • Adam T. - Fits perfectly and is not too bulky.

    I bought this after dropping and shattering my S7 once. This case is not as bulky as it looks and fits perfectly. The price makes it a good option compared to other expensive cases. I would recommend this others who want to protect their phones while not having to spend too much.