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Emmanuel Hospital Association | Transformation Through Caring - Fellowship For Transformation Through CaringEHA is a fellowship of institutions and individuals that exists to transform communities through caring, with primary focus on the poor and marginalized.

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    I have tried EVERYTHING to fix my dull wood floors! I was to the point of tearing them up, I was so frustrated! I cleaned the floors with an ammonia (not recommended, but my floors were in bad shape). I scrubbed on my hands and knees for 2 days. After they were good and clean I applied 2 coats of Quick Shine. WOWOWOWOWOWWW!!1 They look amazing! To clean them now, I just run a damp dust mop over the entire floor. This is a great product for wood floors!

  • Ian C - These liners are so awesome! I havent even used them yet but removing ...

    These liners are so awesome! I havent even used them yet but removing the stock carpets and fitting these I know they will provide many years of service. They fit perfectly and very easily...almost like they were designed specifically for my make and model. I only had to move my front seats forward and back for ease of installation. Expensive but worthwhile investment!

  • Amazon Customer - Eye Gel

    The packaging in this product is very nice! All you do is press the top down and the perfect amount of product comes out. I have no noticed a very strong scent so that is a plus. I do have sensitive skin though and if I get this on my cheeks, it burns. My niece (15) tried this as well. She does not have sensitive skin and said this burned a little for her too. Because it causing a burning sensation I have not continued using as recommended so I cannot verify whether or not it lives up to it's claims. Overall, I would not recommend this to others solely because of the burning sensation we both experienced.

  • Mom to Many - Small child had an accident on my sofa, problem solved!

    Several years ago we literally hauled our sofa to the dump after a small child had a wet accident on it. Yesterday another wet spot showed up on our sofa. I ran for Kids n' Pets. The last thing I need is sofa odor. I was concerned about color fastness, but after doing a small test I went for it. I poured this on the spot, let it sit for 5 minutes and then blotted the spot. The spot is dry this morning and looks great! And the best part is there is no odor. Kids n' Pets has a nice smell, but it's not strong.

  • Anon. - Watch out! You will pay again.

    I really enjoyed this product until magically my serial number expired. Now I must pay more for the program than I originally purchased it for! I think not. I'm going to have to go with the competition who doesn't expire serial numbers.

  • Casey - Have returned to Sebamed

    Recommended to me by a family member last year. Tried it and liked it, but decided to switch to an organic brand. However, have now returned to Sebamed because it is light on my face, absorbs well and my skin looks and feel good. Also have the added bonus of being quite cost effective when compared to other high quality products.

  • Family of 5 - Good for the money

    It works but it is a little weak. It is good as a backup shaver. One downfall: The cord is a bit short and can make things challenging.