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  • MelissaRose - against policy

    reviewing the product, not from this seller. It odd against the itworks company policy to sell on Amazon. There is no way to be sure these masks aren't expired and you won't get the best results from an excited product. To get the 4 pack for 59$ and directly from ItWorks global so you know you're begging a quality product. Visit

  • Justun D. Chandler - Cheap horsepower but be patient.

    It is a pretty good product for the price. I caution about trying to use it with a 2005 dodge hemi. I ended up selling mine because not all the functions actually worked on my car. Diablosport said that they knew of the issue but had no plans to fix. They are a little slow to operate and clunky but if you are on a budget, once the tune us installed that doesn't matter anymore.

  • TDC Book Reviews - awsome

    About the book: Julia is one of those bubbly always cheerful women. Her neighbor across the hall Cain could be seen as a cold, cranky type of guy and during the holiday season, a scrooge. One day Julia catches him stealing her newspaper in the foyer of their building, claiming someone steals his. Julia has been looking for the perfect topic for a blog that could jumpstart her career with a company she has applied for. With just twelve days until Christmas, she decides to kill Cain with kindness and report if this changes his demeanor at all. Julia and Cain both have a preconceived notion of the other based on instinct, but can instincts change?

  • Judy Garrett - Political Intrigue

    Interesting insight. Although the author did not have actual contact with Donald Trump he was able to hang with his political committee. It was an eye opener. Whether you agree or not "People are judged by the company they keep."