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EMRSS | Euro Mediterranean Rehabilitation Summer School "Haim Ring" - La Euro Mediterranean Rehabilitation Summer School ( EMRSS ) è una Associazione i cui Soci fondatori sono la Società Italiana di Medicina Fisica e Riabilitativa, il Consorzio Universitario Archimede ( composto da Università degli studi di Catania, Comune e Provincia di Siracusa ), il Consorzio Universitario Megera Ibleo ( Università di Messina e Comuni dell’area Industriale ) e Franco Cirillo per il gruppo regionale S.I.M.F.E.R.

Country:, Europe, IT

City: 11.8833 Province of Arezzo, Italy

  • Jessica S - This is a very good fit! It does a good job of making ...

    I'm a huge fan of the Vitamix but needed something smaller for a boat... This is a very good fit! It does a good job of making smoothies - you just have to make one at a time as the bigger container is only for soft fruit... no ice or raw fruits & veggies. The smaller, stronger cups can handle the raw fruits.

  • Dani R. - Great daily leave in conditioner.

    This is a great product for smoothing hair and softening it. I have blonde damaged hair and I apply this to my wet hair before drying and styling. It works very well in making my hair soft and detangled. My only gripe is that it is a tad on the expensive side and goes fast, but as against other products like It's a Ten, I like this one much better.

  • NchantngPoet - Really, really working for me

    I've been taking this for about 2 weeks now and can already feel a difference. I suffer from chronic coughing due to bronchitis and it keeps me up during the night...well USED to. I can already see a significant reduction in the number of times I used to cough myself out of my sleep. It's gone from more than 20 times a night to about 4-5. I also used to have this slight ache that was starting to develop in my knees...like early stages of arthritis or something. I live in a townhouse and going up and down stairs everyday was beginning to get painful. It just dawned on me last night that my knees didn't bother me when I came upstairs. I mean, not even a little bit. That's what made me a believer that this stuff was actually having an affect. I'm going to keep taking it and see if I notice any other changes/breakthroughs.

  • Amazon Customer - Love it, great quality

    Love it, great quality! Better than Apple's Smart Cover in my personal opinion. The Apple Pencil fits very snug and is always there when I need it. You will not be disappointed, unless you dislike like quality.

  • Matt H - Great racquets

    Great racquets. The strings are firm and never seperate giving you an accurate hit every time. These are 10 times better than the racquets you buy with the badmitton set at most sports stores.

  • Benjamin Babeshkin - Great tool for learning guitar

    I have only been playing this for 5 days, but I am markedly better then when I started (being a total beginner).

  • Katie Tonemah - Miracle worker for me!

    I bought this product at Walmart, but it was so good I had to review. After having cracked heels that were manageable, but then turned severe for a few weeks, the cherry on top was my sisters wedding. I could barely walk. My feet stung and burned with even the slightest touch by the end of the night. So Sunday morning after the wedding, I went to get this. I have used it as directed for 4 days and my heels are almost good as new. I have no pain at all, I can walk and touch them without discomfort, and I would almost call them smooth again, or at least, on track to bring smooth. I plan on continuing use because I can imagine how much better it will get. I am not diabetic, but anyone else with painful cracked heels, I definitely recommend this product.