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  • Palmer Lie - Nice light night cream

    I ordered this cream for my son, who again has eczema, and I am older, but have a lot of allergies. I've also never liked a heavy night cream, and this one seems to be just right for me, and my son. It has been really good for my son because it took away the scaliness. I like the price point also.

  • justin - great for post workout smoothies or appetite suppressant smoothies

    This is good stuff! I've been making a smoothie with this, water, ice, almond milk, and frozen strawberries. The smoothie I've been making tastes almost like a strawberry and chocolate smoothie and is really great as an appetite suppressant. There is a great amount of protein in the recommend serving size and it's been helping me loose weight and put on a little bit of muscle when I exercise.

  • Heather Allen - These look really cool

    I am a bit of a earphone fanatic and heard that these were a good set of earphones to try. That being said, I decided to try these out.

  • josie - remarkable

    Great pop from the first swing. Produces power line drives and getting better everyday. So much better than the Demarini i got 3 years ago. Great service from Purely Outstanding Sports and Amazon, arrived one day earlier than expected. Would recommend it to any women playing fastpitch softball

  • L. L - Very useful, but not for all

    This product is in essence colored powder designed to stick to your hair by static. Calling it "fiber" could be misleading. It does an excellent job in areas where your hair is just thinning out. If you are completely bald or have very little hair left, don't bother, or else you're looking for embarrassment. One caveat: stay out of sweat and rain. If you sweat a lot, as in sports or excercises, the powder may streak down and stain your face with perspiration. Hairspray may help, but not very effectively. According to my experience, the use of the Spray Applicator is highly preferable.

  • Steven J. Polski - A Good Replacement

    I was bewildered when I upgraded my PC operating system to Windows 10, and my Microsoft Money 2004 program stopped working. I needed to find a replacement program, because I like to keep my checkbook up-to-date. I have a Bank of America account where I can download the transactions to my Money account. However, after working with Quicken, I find that the process is now easier than it was with the Microsoft Money program. There is one part of Quicken I don't like, however. When there are upgrades, they ask when you boot up the program if you want to run the updates. When you do this, it seems to lock up the program, so you never really know if it took effect. Overall, though, it seems to be a good replacement, and I will continue to use it.