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    I didn't own the prior version because I went with the UFC workout,which to me was a huge let down. But any rate, this game is AWESOME. What I love about this game is that you tend to forget that you're working out, it's that good. If you enjoy/hate working out this game is a must!

  • dogmama - What a Nightmare

    Be careful if you order from Murad. Last October I ordered from their site to making sure I did not select in any automatic product shipping. I received the intro package and did not choose to reorder.

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    Bought this from Dinair. It took a little while to get it, which was frustrating, but the first time I used it (last night), all was forgiven.

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    This bike is so much cooler (IMO) than the stuff you find at Walmart. I didn't want Spiderman, Superman, or Tonto on my kid's bike... so this was a perfect score. He loves it!