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Eye On Addiction Radio - Home - We've come to yet another fork in the road. Sadly, we did not get all the sponsors we needed to continue on Clear Channel’s powerful 630KHOW station.

  • http://www.eyeonaddiction.com/about.html Eye On Addiction Radio - About - Changing Lives Foundation helps families and friends who are struggling with a loved one caught up in the cycle of addiction, alcoholism or substance abuse.
  • http://www.eyeonaddiction.com/about/what-is-eye-on-addiction-radio.html Eye On Addiction Radio - What is Eye on Addiction Radio? - Denver's first live call-in talk radio show providing help for families torn apart by alcohol or drug abuse.
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  • AykonSilvers - Great way to teach young ones when to get up.

    We bought this to help sleep train our 4 year old boys. It's a neat idea for children who can't tell time just yet. Although it has not magically made my children ALWAYS stay in their room until it's time to get up, it has made it easier. A common question in our house in the morning is "Is your light green?" If my sons say 'No' then they also know they are supposed to go back to bed. It's much easier than asking my sons what time it is.

  • Billy - She doesn't seem to get too hot either like some others we tried

    Our little girl loves this car seat. It is very soft and offers a lot of protection. She is big, she is 14 months and wears a 2T...She is still rear facing and doesn't complain about getting in her seat anymore. She doesn't seem to get too hot either like some others we tried. I like the head support. Cup holder does not come out to clean. Its easy to install and remove. Easy to adjust tension.

  • Aaron - Unmatched quality - Unmatched Price

    As the price would imply, this is absolutely the best wireless mouse out there. It's extremely pricey as mice go, but if you're the kind of person who would really like a wireless mouse that outperforms wired mice, this is the one. It's completely ambidextrous, meaning you can easily use it left handed or right handed, and the side buttons can be placed on the left, right, or both. It also comes with some placeholder plates that you can use if you only ever use 2 of the buttons. The Logitech Gaming Software allows you to program the mouse such that every program can use it differently. For instance, with a little bit of effort, you could set the upper left side button to sneak in Skyrim, but to activate in Far Cry 3. The only minor annoyance I have with it is that the RGB lighting only changes to your setting when the Logitech Gaming Software runs, which means that for a few seconds it default to a rainbow effect.

  • Marcella Sarahs - still dancing

    I bought this for my daughter, based on the selection of songs. Not sure the lyrics are all appropriate for my 7 y.o. Also, wishing that I could unlock some of the songs instead of pay for them. Goal was acheived with product. Overall very good.

  • Laura Legasse - Great Little Diffuser

    This little diffuser is great. I have it on my bedside table, and use it daily. There are a few things that cold possibly be improved, but for the price point, it's pretty good. I love the colors that cycle through, and that you can stop it on whatever color you want. Or you can just turn them off if you're sleeping. The actual diffuser part works great as well. The water and oil shoots up high into the air, so it disperses evenly around the room. I've tried 3 different oils in it, and I'm quite happy with it. Also, the tiny light that shows you that it's on can either be green or red, which is helpful for sleeping. The red light is much less bright, and doesn't keep me awake. The fact that it shuts off automatically when it's empty is convenient, and makes it safe to just leave on when you're sleeping or out of the room.