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  • Moonblue72 - Solid, reliable, and some nice features.

    I purchased a new 2016 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4 x 2 that was fully loaded- it has all the available options. I really LOVE the ventilated seats (Texas summers are brutal!) and the a/c works great! The only thing I don't like is that you cannot permanently turn off the fuel saving option. I HATE that thing. It's annoying to be at a stoplight and have to wait a few seconds while your car restarts before you can go. I know, whats a few seconds? Well, it's annoying to me. Other than that, I like it. It's smooth, comfortable and loaded with cool technology. The leather seats are okay... my tiny less than 10 pound dog slightly ripped the passenger side seat corner, which is really annoying. I feel like they should be able to stand up to more than that. Geesh. But, Again, overall a cool SUV. A little boring, maybe, for my liking (I am used to sportier cars), but a good solid reliable car.

  • Luke Dennison - Best Dance game!!

    I always liked the Just dance franchise. This one is just as good, about the same as previous just dance games. I got it for my xbox 360 and I love the way the Kinect works. The dancers has washed out faces usually but that is just the style of the game. It is good for exercising too. Remember it does not teach you the moves, you have the follow the dancer, as you play a certain song more it do start to get better and learn the moves. Overall this game is worth the 5 stars

  • Too Much Screen Time - Full Featured, does what it needs to do. Nothing else comes close to the depth of features

    I've been a Quicken user since 1998. Nothing else comes close to the features that this software offers, and I use just about all of them. It almost does everything I want it to do, almost. It does not track restricted stock units (RSU's) or anything with an odd vesting schedule without playing crazy games. The vehicle mileage tracker allows "Rental Property" for the trip type, but it will not let you name which rental property. And other arcane examples.

  • Elizabeth M. O'Neal - Excellent

    I read quite a bit of historical fiction based on this time period. This is the first I've had they opportunity to learn about Owen Tudor. This was a great read, well written. I look forward to reading more of Mr. Riches' work.

  • Blue Castle - great!

    this product is amazing. i just hate the price. i need 1 and a half canisters a month. its worth it but damn its expensive. im like alex jones. i cant stop eating unless i take this. my body craves nutrition. if it doesnt get it. ill try to overcompensate with eater too damn much and get sick and constipated. this product makes me stop eating when im full. my plates are normal sized now. i would give it 5 stars but the damn price needs to drop. 30 bucks is fair. if i find an equivalent for cheaper id leave the one in the dust but honestly its worth every penny if ur health is a priority. so i say try it. if anyone knows an equivalent for cheaper comment plz. and yes , it turns ur pee ultraviolet yellow :) lol.

  • Micky - Nothing like this SHINE

    GET IT, you won't be sorry! It's MORE than a shine . . . it truly is a FLOOR FINISH!!!! What happened to me was that I got talked into buying one of those hot/steam floor cleaners. Great idea (I found out later) for tile or stone or any surface flooring except wood!! The first time I used the steamer I ruined my beautiful wood floor! It took off the finish completely and I was beside myself. Then I was told about this product who lived in another state and when I couldn't find it in my state (NY) I ordered it on Amazon! I have since found it in specialty stores. It's outstanding and you only have to use it as little as once / twice a year! Now if only I could find the companion 'cleaner' I'd be happy!