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Farmacias | Farmatodo | Amplio surtido en medicinas de patente, alta especialidad, leches para bebé, y mucho más, descuentos - En Farmatodo le ofrecemos medicamentos para cuidar su salud a los mejores precios. En nuestras farmacias podrá conseguir los mejores descuentos con membresia twogether en Antibioticos, analgesicos, medicamentos genericos y hospitalarios. Consulte nuestra lista de sucursales y zonas de servicio a domicilio. En Farmatodo nuestra misión llevar salud e higiene de manera amigable a los precios más bajos con los mejores recursos humanos y técnicos

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  • peas - Honestly you will not be disappointed! Everything came just as you would expect from ...

    I have bought 2 different sets(this brand) for our trucks....TOP QUALITY AND WORTH EVERY PENNY! Honestly you will not be disappointed! Everything came just as you would expect from both amazon and the seller....thank you very much!

  • Unknown - GREAT facts, viewed through a prism, to blame Republicans

    Interesting..but he never does get to the CRASH. He, does honestly announce upfront he is a progressive democrat. From there he politely bashes the Republicans for all the economic misery to date. Such a shame, because there is a great deal of facts but he is so driven to put BLAME, his analysis becomes flawed. He tries so hard to protect the democrats he twists like a five year old when confronted for taking a forbidden cookie! This would be so much more valuable and insightful with an open and honest discussion. I do believe there is a tremendous crash coming, but ALL parties are equally involved at causing as well as preventing what we face.

  • Amazon Customer - Solid

    I could not find a better set of wrenches at this price point. You get 24, for a great low price and they come in the roll-up case, they look great and work well.

  • Brian - good god

    Fantastic!!!! This stuff really does smell AWFUL. Imagine shoving your nose into a fresh piece of cat sh__ on a hot day. That's what it smells like.

  • Rosebudbandit - Feast your eyes

    So much magical, beautiful-ness in one book! This was one of my favorite of the series, and I never could have believed that it got better. But it did! The illustrations are lovely.

  • Amazon Customer - No Hassle / No Worries

    I have had my home with its septic system for 35 years. I have always used Rid-X in addition to the 2 main rules of septic tank health - pump occasionally and keep the grease to a minimum when possible. My septic system has never failed or caused problems. I think Rid-X has helped keep the system in good shape.

  • Amazon Customer - the swinging motion on this is not super fast nor does it go very far

    We bought this when our daughter was 4 weeks old, and we were at our wits' end to try to get her to nap during the day. Under normal circumstances, I would've totally rejected the idea of buying this -- way too much money for too little time (you can only use it until your baby is able to sit), but in our sleep-deprived state, we were willing to throw a lot of money around to try and buy some sleep time for her and down time for us.