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  • Annie B - Great product! Reliable and functional.

    Awesome, innovative idea. I am a nurse practitioner in a rural setting and this is an awesome product that I have started using for my patients. It is so great to be able to have the ability to use either the tympanic (ear) function or the temporal (forehead) function with just the removal of a plastic cover and the hitting of a button! Before we would have to have 2 different tools, depending on what our needs were. This is lightweight, it is very reliable as we have compared it to actual rectal temperatures in infants and have gotten very similar readings. Because of this I would definitely trust it for use with my family. I plan on purchasing another one for us in the clinic because it is so affordable for the quality of the product. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow and understand. It comes with batteries included, but the cover for them comes off easily in order to change them. I did secure this compartment a little more just because of using them in a clinic. I hope you have found this review helpful. Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you.

  • Romans - This gave birth to my child

    upon realizing i needed this in my life, i decided to spend the enormous amount for this. Boy was it worth it. This cable single handily breathes new life in my household, it gave birth to my newborn son. It was so life like seeing him come through the wires and directly out of my tv. the quality was outstanding to say the least. The price is worth it because i am actually able to see a virtual tv right in front of my face at work. its incredibly outstanding and kills time at work. This cable is also able (see what i did there) to stop wars, feed the poor, and eliminate hatred from ones self. This cable also drives me to work everyday without paying for gas. Buy it, you won't regret a thing i tell you, a thing!!!!

  • Laura - They do not offer full support for software not bought through their own website.

    I came to H&R after the TT debacle of 2015, and decided to stay this year. This is my daughter's first year of filing, and since she moved this year, we were not sure if she needed our state, her new state or both. We started with my software and did the state taxes, and decided she did not need to file here. Now H&R (and TT) charge more for an additional state then the do for the Fed+State software, so it made a lot more sense for her to buy her own copy and use her new state as the free one. I mailer her the file we created, but the software would not allow her to open it unless she bought the extra state, because it was in her file. I tried everything I could think of to delete the state part of the file. I called H&R block and they suggested things I had already done. So, it seemed to be a bug. (I can see that - this is not a situation that would often occur). So at this point the only options are for her to re-enter all her information, or she pay the $40 for the extra, unneeded state, or they comp her the state. Obviously, comping is the best option, since it is bug on their side. She said she couldn't comp the extra state because we bought the software from Amazon and not directly from H&R block. That is unacceptable. What is the point of CS if they cannot solve your problems? why should it matter where I bought *their* buggy product?

  • Claudio - Men's Rogaine Extra Strength 5% Minoxidil Topical Aerosol Hair Regrowth..

    This foam Men's Rogaine Extra Strength 5% Minoxidil looks like it works better then the liquid type in my opinion, is a slow process but after 6 moths of using my scalp looks slightly fuller. I'll continue using for another 6 months and see what happens.

  • G. Porter - Will not buy this from amazon again

    I love the product and have used it for years. Thought I would save a bit of money and order it from amazon. It took me longer than I anticipated to finish up my last jar, so it was past the 30 day return period (by a week) when I finally opened this box. The cream was almost bright yellow and entirely the wrong consistency! Oh well, lesson learned. I will stick to Sephora or Ulta in the future. At least their stock hopefully hasn't been sitting around in a warehouse for who knows how long.