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  • William Carter - Well paced, interesting plot line

    From the opening scene introducing Ben and Eli to Epilogue the book held my interest. The pacing of the story was good throughout. It was compelling enough to keep me turning pages but not so fast that I couldn't absorb the details. The plot had well balanced mixture of predictable lines with expected conclusions, plausible surprises and alternate twists to expected resolutions. I was left wanting to read the next book.

  • Chicago Mars - Only for a limited time

    They started out pretty good. Then it got progressively noisier the more I used it. Even with the noise, the actual quality of the cut wasn't diminished, though. The only problems is that it does get extremely hot after a short amount of use and it actually stopped working on me after owning it for about 7 months while cutting a friend's and my own fair every 3 weeks or so. So you can do the math on how much use you'll get out of it. Probably will be looking for a model that'll last longer...

  • Linda Szymoniak - Buyer Beware

    Enthusiastically I have awaited this miracle product, but to date nothing has arrived. However, the $4.95 I paid for shipping and handling has been deducted from my banking account and the $189.00 that I wasn't suppose to pay until I had the product for at least 30 days. A hold against my debit card that meant I didn't have access to my money made it short of theft by deceipt. Clearly the terms and conditions said it would not occur until after I had the product. Furious at this maneaauver, I called demanding that the hold be removed. I did get access to my money, but buyer beware if you are dealing directly with South Beach Skin Care.