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FMA - Football Medical Association - FMA, the Football Medical Association represent & promote all medical & science personnel in professional league football. Formally LMedA

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  • Steve-o - Miracle!

    For over 6 years I've suffered from sciatic pain in my right leg starting from my hip down to my foot. In the last 8 months it has become debilitating to the point of not being able to walk or stand for more than a few minutes. I've treated with chiropractors and physical therapist with no relief. I finally scheduled back surgery for a herniated disk with a prominent surgeon in Philadelphia. Four weeks after surgery I had no improvement and was still in pain and that's when I found The "Natural Sciatic Relief" program. I found there claim that I could be pain free in 7 days hard to believe but with their help I finally identified what was causing my pain ( piraformus syndrome) and started to do the stretches they recommended I was unbelievably 95% pain free in about 5 days and have remained so to this day. They also helped me understand and correct the causes of my pain. I highly recommend this program to any one with sciatic or back pain.

  • Skot - Great gear oil

    Needed some hypoid great oil for my honda shadow. Even though the manual states to only use honda products, who always uses oem stuff? I've had it in for a few thousand miles and have had no issues. I did do some research and others recommended some other brands also, but this was reasonably priced and I have used other mobile 1 products with great results.

  • Star Z. - I cannot praise this enough

    I recently started drinking tea quite frequently and noticed that my veneers were turning brown. I have tried other teeth whitening systems such as the trays that you stick on for half an hour for 7 days and nothing seems to work. This is the only teeth whitening system that works and I am very impressed with it. I am a bit if a bad gal, not brushing the entire 2 minutes at times, and even then it still gets the job done. I love this product. I find it very impressive that it is both a toothpaste and a whitener and still works better than whitener kits.

  • Heather R. - Open the realm of possibility

    This view of Quetzalcoatl on the front cover is new to us. This book is about our flowering (our enlightenment) and how to get there. It has invaluable information which was previously hidden from us, but is now graciously being shared with the whole world. It will change your life if you actually DO the practices contained therein. Getting to a workshop given by him is also invaluable, and contains much more information than can be put in any book. These teachings form a complete system for clearing out old karma from past lives and family patterns. These techniques also help us gain new abilities and enable us to create our life the way we want it to be.

  • JenMouzooni - Really saw results after about 6 weeks

    So i was taking these pills for about two months and for a while I was thinking "this isn't doing anything for me" but then after several weeks I noticed my butt was getting a little bit thicker and rounder. I am a 5'7 skinny girl so I really notice when there are any changes to my butt. The only problem is that I could really tell the results when I was almost done with this bottle and now that I haven't taken these pills in a few weeks, my butt is back to its normal small state. So, I guess you will be happy and see the results if you are really good about taking the pills and continue taking them. I think they are kind of expensive though so I just bought regular Maca root supplements and I just started taking those. I will see if those make a difference too. If not, I will just have to buy this again. My boyfriend noticed the results of these pills too!

  • John Bishop - Looks Good. Jury Still Out On Reception Strength.

    I'll give it 5 stars for now. The reception seems okay but I feel like it's not as strong as it should be. Definitely improves my vehicle's appearance.