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  • Amy Lynne - I think in my situation my dog is too far gone for something like this to help and I'm thinking he may need ...

    I was hoping beyond all hope that this short would work for my anxiety riddled dorkie. He can't be away from me for more than ten minutes before he's peeing in the house and tearing up everything. I used a gate to keep him in the kitchen and he chewed a massive portion of the door frame up. I currently rent, so that can't happen in my home. Nelson was locked in a small bathroom as a puppy for weeks with his own feces and urine, and he was malnourished. The people who took him next were a young teen couple preparing to have a baby themselves. Nelson spent the next year locked in a cat carrier for more than ten hours a day. When I got him he was in said carrier and the whole thing with the seven pound dog, weighed thirteen pounds. You do the math, yep, five pounds of that...his own poop. So I was hoping for a mirocle with this shirt, but unfortunately no, no miracles. He was still barking and shivering when I had to crate him to leave for work. I thought maybe the shirt wasn't snug enough so I tightened it a bit, and the same.

  • Joseph Allen Stamm - Not as it seems

    I bought this expecting a book. Instead, I received 608 folded, messed up loose leaf pages with no binding. Please do some digging before you buy this book, I got screwed.

  • M. C. - Best detangler by far!

    Works great on my daughters hair. She rarely say ouch any more! Also leaves her hair super soft without being goopy or wet feeling. Best detangler by far (and I've tried a lot)

  • kbill - Temp settings are awful. Don't waste your money. Boils on keep warm setting

    I wanted so much to love this crock pot. After 10 years my old one finally went out. This thing has crazy temperature controls. It boils on keep warm setting. Too bad I tossed the box else I would return it. I can't even use it because it boils everything! UGGH

  • Selma Monteiro - super!

    Used it on my couch to prevent soiling from my dog rubbing on the edges. also used it to prevent color from my denim getting on to my top and bags. I spray it on my pans at the waist area, let it dry and then put them on. The color the does not rub off on tot my top and bags.

  • The Bard William Shakespeare - Never had the slightest problem with pop-ups and questionaires till ...

    Never had the slightest problem with pop-ups and questionaires till I installed lousy Kaspersky 2015.