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Gastroenterology Clinic of Acadiana | Lafayette, LA - The Gastro Clinic can help improve your digestive health by treating the esophagus, stomach, small intestines, colon, pancreas, gallbladder and liver.

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  • Emily Jensen - We love GLUKOS, great for workouts as well as keeping ...

    We love GLUKOS, great for workouts as well as keeping adults and kids hydrated when they are sick. Love the powder sticks. Great for on the go.

  • mickie - some personal precautionary notes

    Just finished my counter tops in Java stone. The color is fantastic...and transforms to look much better then the previous blue counter tops i had. I will mention some caution to those about to embark on this project...it says to work in sections...BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT THIS. You will end up with a visible "line" in the counter top at that junction. Even though we never let the first section dry and worked together constantly. If I had known it would leave a line i would have just base coated then chipped the whole thing without working in sections. I was able to go back and "fix" the line by base coating and chipping... sanding it out...only to leave a new line. So there was no way out of that one. Be extremely careful scoring around the sink. it is difficult to sand real close so adhesion of the chips may be less then optimal. Also..behind the sink next to the back splash...the counter top lifted there too. After speaking with company about fixing it... they offered no solution after the final coat is on...maybe remove the surface and re sand and chip? that would mess it up more!...* Be careful also to check and recheck to fix all spots you missed in all angles of lighting carefully before applying the final coat. Same goes for the final top coat. It is only workable for four hours (top coat). The next day i noticed i missed some spots....too bad for me.. the top coat was hardened in the can and unworkable, so i could not touch it up. Sooo....i am going to dab on some base coat over the areas that the counter shows through (no chips)...then caulk around the sink to seal behind it where the counter chips lifted. Finally.. i will use the cabinet resurfacing top coat to dab on areas that i missed with top coat on the counter (only small tiny areas). Also... I highly recommend using a small rotary or belt sander to sand..... it save a lot of time!! I lost the diamond embeded sanding block after I scuffed up the counter top to prepare it. The company told me that 60 grit sand paper will work to sand the chips down (which it did just fine). When they say to close windows and keep pets out... they are not kidding! I left the house with all pets for 5 hours during dry time and the counter top caught dust already! It's a dust magnet. In conclusion...I am 85% happy with the results. I think i can "fix" the areas mentioned, but not to perfection. It certainly looks better then my original top. BTW. i did the cabinet resurfacing kit too... and I am 100% satisfied.

  • You'reAStar_890 - This product was not so great for my skin

    I have extremely sensitive, blemish prone skin and this did not work at all for me. After 4 days of use applying once a day, I had zits and my cheeks were red from using it. It was a waste of money for me and is just taking up space in my medicine cabinet now. I did like the pleasant orange smell, but I'm afraid to start using it again as I will probably get more zits and redness. I wish I could find an organic anti-aging product that works for me, but this was not it at all.

  • buffettfan - A useful menu of stocks to choose from.

    I reorder this book every year or two. It is a good book to read for people interested in learning about investing in individual large and/or medium size company stocks. It gives a synopsis of each company and what is attractive about investing in it and reasons for caution. The reason I chose this book and continue to reorder it, is that I am interested in the types of companies profiled in their 100 Best Stock lists and their investing style of holding their picks for longer periods of time rather than trading them. For this reason, only a handful (between 10 and 15) of the stocks change from year to year. Another plus is that they have the courage of their conviction and review the performance of their previous year's stock picks; something not seen too often in other books of this type.

  • Faeryn Mirgain - Viva la Egon.

    I'm like a superfan of Ghostbusters. The moment I saw this, I had what could only be described as some sort of episode. I have watched Ghostbusters (1 and 2) so many times I have it memorized. Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis, mayherestinpeace) was my hero growing up. This book includes different factoids about mythic, legendary, and supernatural creatures, if you're wondering. I read it cover to cover, as I was too excited to do anything else without breaking things. It's not what I thought it should look like in my mind growing up, but that doesn't make it any less fantastic to me.

  • Bitsy - Inconsistency in product on reorders..

    I loved the first bottle of Hair Loss Shampoo from this company (justnaturalskincare). It stopped my hair loss totally in about 5 weeks (2 shampoos per week). I ordered more and gave the last 1/3 of my shampoo to a friend who was losing her hair, also. To my surprise, the company sent a totally different shampoo for Hair Loss...the same label was on the new bottle of shampoo. The bottle was not the same either. The original order was a milky shampoo after shaking the bottle. The second order was a clearish thick shampoo that could not be shaken. I emailed customer service at(justnaturalskincare.com)telling them about this, and they responded saying that because it was "hand mixed" each batch was different, and "have a nice day". This is total BS. The shampoo should be exactly the same or bear some resemblance to the first product, but it does not. I called "customer service" twice, but no one was there to answer my call to address my questions. Customer service could only answer questions about shipping and billing--if you can even talk to someone. I am pretty sure I won't be ordering again from this company even though I loved the shampoo. I'll have to think long and hard about it....I hope they read this review.

  • Sparkster - Wyatt Earp of The Main Line rides again!

    The characters are living breathing people, with real life problems as the author portrays them. Philadelphia becomes the template for a quick and exciting read. Looking forward to the next adventure