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  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/irvin-j-seeman-md/ Irvin J. Seeman M.D. | Gastroenterologist Physicians - Native of Savannah Ga, receiving his B.S. from the University of Gerogia, and his M.D. from Medical College of Georgia, Irvin J. Seeman joined us in 1980.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/william-thomas-brand-jr-md/ William Thomas Brand Jr M.D. | Gastrointestinal Specialists Physicians - As a graduate from UVA and serving as the chief of staff at Henrio Doctor's Hospital, William Thomas Brand Jr. has been a staff member since 1988.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/p-frederick-duckworth-jr-md/ P. Frederick Duckworth, Jr. MD | Gastrointestinal Physicians - Graduating from UNC Chapel HIll and receiving his MD from UVA, Dr. Duckworth has excelled in every aspect of his profession. Find his full bio here.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/ben-persons-bradenham-md/ Ben P. Bradenham M.D. | Physicians of Gastrointestinal Specialists Inc - A native Virginian, Ben P. Bradenham completed his fellowship in Gastroenterology at Duke. Check out Dr. Badenhams full bio here.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/michael-t-farrell-md/ Michael T. Farrell | Physicians of Gastroenterology Richmond Va - After receiving both his B.A. and his M.D. from the University of Virginia, Michael Farrell joined the team in 1994 after four years of private practice.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/howard-d-kahn-md/ Howard D. Kahn M.D. | Gastrointestinal Physicians Richmond Va - Attaining his B.S. from William and Mary and his M.D. from the Medical College of Virginia, Howard D. Kahn joined the team after he was in private practice.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/stephen-clement-md/ Stephen Clement M.D. | Physicians of Gastroenterology Richmond Va - After receiving his MD from UVA, Stephen Clement joined Gastrointestinal Speicalist Inc in 1996 following eight years of private practice in Richmond.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/rufus-cole-davis-md/ Rufus C. Davis M.D. | Gastrointestinal Physicians - Before joining the team in 2000, Rufus C. Davis previously graduated Yale University and received his MD from the University of Virginia. Find his bio here
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/henry-m-ellett-md/ Henry M. Ellet M.D. | Physicians of Gastroenterology in Richmond Va - Dr. Henry Ellett held nine years of experience before joining the practice. Native of Charlottesville and a graduate of the UVA. Click here for a full bio.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/ofer-feder-md/ Ofer Feder M.D. | Physicians of Gastrointestinal Specialists Inc - In 2003 Ofer Feder joined GSI, previously graduating from the University of Virginia where he received his B.A. and his M.D. Find Dr. Feders full bio here.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/ramy-y-eid-md/ Ramy Y. Eid M.D. | Physicians of Gastrointestial Specialists Inc - Dr. Ramy Y. Eid joined GSI in 2006, previously he graduated from the Labanese University School of Medicine which was followed by his surgical internship.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/souheil-g-abou-assi-md/ Souheil G. Abou-Assi M.D. |Gastrointestinal Speicalists Inc Physicians - Dr. Souheil Abou-Assi, a native born of of Abadieh, Lebanon and has been with GSI since 2006. He was board certified in Gastroenterology in 2001.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/andy-j-thanjan-md/ Andy J. Thanjan M.D. |Gastroenterology Physician - Receiving his undergraduate and M.D. from George Washington University, Andy J. Thanjan then completed his residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/j-diego-baltodano-md/ J. Diego Baltodano M.D. | Gastrointestinal Specialists Inc Physicians - After practicing gastroenterology at the Hunter Holmes McGuire Medical Center and assisting at VCU, J. Diego Baltodano joined the GSI team in 2013.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/ben-bradenham-md/ Ben Bradenham Jr., M.D. | Gastroenterologist Physicians - Dr. Bradenham Jr. is a native of Richmond who received his B.S. from Washington and Lee, and his M.D. from the University of Virginia School of Medicine.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/savita-srivastava-md/ Savita Srivastava, M.D. | Gastroenterologist Physicians - Dr. Srivastava is from Buffalo, NY. She's attended a few prestigious universities in the field, receiving her undergrad from Brown, and is a national leader in gastroenterology.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/elizabeth-a-bowers-np/ Elizabeth A. Bowers M.D. | Gastrointestinal Specialists Physicians - After receiving her B.S. in Nursing from Villanova University, and her Masters from Old Dominion University, Elizabeth Bowers came to GSI in 2002.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/elizabeth-p-adams-acnp/ Elizabeth P. Adams, ANCP | Staff of Gastroenterology Richmond Va - Since 2005, Elizabeth Adams has been an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Prior to GSI, she received both her undergraduate and masters from VCU.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/laura-l-koon-pa/ Laura Koon, P.A. | Physicians Gastroenterology Richmnd Va - Before joining GSI in 2010, Laura Koon worked in primary care in a medically underserved area in North Carolina. Click here to read her full bio.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/ashley-l-foster-acnp/ Ashley L. Foster | Staff of Gastroenterology in Richmond Va - Ashley L. Foster, ACNP-BC, joined GSI in 2015 and works in our St. Mary's office.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/mandi-m-wolfe-fnp/ Mandi M. Wolfe, FNP - Gastrointestinal Specialists, Inc. - Mandi Wolfe joined GSI as a nurse practitioner in 2013. She works at St Francis hospital and office with Drs. Ramy Eid and Diego Baltodano.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/about-gsi/physicians-staff/stephanie-b-herndon-acnp/ Stephanie B. Herndon, ACNP - Gastrointestinal Specialists, Inc. - Stephanie Herndon has been an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner since 2004. She has worked in gastroenterology since 2011 and joined GSI in 2014.
  • https://www.gastrova.com/procedures/ Endoscopy Procedures Richmond VA | Gastrointestinal Specialists Inc. - Offering endoscopy procedures in Richmond VA, the physicians at Gastrointestinal Specialists Inc. strive for convenience and comfort. View our procedures.

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  • Polanco - Interesting book, but too much detail about the operatives

    This is a very thorough history of the 2012 election, written by a reporter who had access to many insiders. I enjoyed it, but the author paid too much attention to the insiders who ran various programs in the campaigns. I had trouble understanding the importance of knowing who was running Romney's (or Obama's) campaign in Iowa or wherever. It is well written, and I recommend it for a semi-political junkie who wants to know what went on during the campaigns.

  • Jennifer - Horrible Support Service

    I'm writing my first review on Amazon about this product - even though I've been a member of this site for years. This is how unhappy I am with this product and the accompanying service/support. The TV was delivered to my house, and plugged into the wall. The box and packaging was not left behind. At first, I was able to connect the TV to my cable box on HDMI1, and it worked fine. However, as soon as I hooked it up to my blu-ray player on HDMI 2 and then HDMI 3, my experience went downhill in a hurry. The signal from the blu ray player would cut out every 2-3 seconds to a black screen, and then back to the player (as though the disk was playing through).

  • Kate - Not for me

    Unfortunately it wasn't a favorite of mine, is didn't really care for the plot and it was not very believable and I didn't feel much of a connection between the characters. But it was well written, the characters were ok, but there wasn't enough action for me to really feel like I was reading a mafia story.

  • landlord - does not contain useful functions for landlords

    I am disappointed with the rental property portion of this program. My biggest surprise is that each tenant's rent check must be recorded as a singular deposit or else the rent reminder option doesn't work. In my experience, no one has multiple checks and deposits them one at a time. Quicken, you need to add the ability to make a single deposit comprised of multiple rent checks. It would be great to be able to record a deposit in the checkbook register that automatically provides a list of tenants when Rent Income is selected as the account. Then I could easily make a multiple check deposit while still linking the payment to the tenant's history. I find the rent reminder portion of the rental property to be difficult to use as it lacks this option. May I suggest you copy the ability of QuickBooks, which keeps a running tab of checks received and then allows me to select the ones I want to include in a single deposit?

  • james freeman - Nice Remote

    After reading the reviews I bought this remote for the price,it was a little hard but also silly to program,one of the reviews gave instructions on how to do this and it WORKED!!! How happy was Ito save some money.You know how much the car dealers want.Also as I found out if you double click it will unlock all the doors!!!