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  • Home Schooling Grandma from SEMO - Risky Product??????

    Prime is an excellent product but I recommend being very careful not to overdose. It says that you can use 5 times the amount if you have high ammonia and/or nitrite. I called the Saechem company to get some advice on my 55 gallon freshwater tank. I was having high nitrite levels and was worried about my fish. I was told by a representative of the company that I could add the large amount of Prime (the 5 times the usual dose) no more than every 48 hours. They also recommended my not doing the water changes unless I felt I really needed too. Although I disagreed with the representative about the water changes (I was doing a 50% water change daily because of high nitrite level) I went ahead and took the advice and did exactly what I was told. That is when I began losing fish. I had several deaths which happened after I added the big doses of Prime. Makes me wonder if the large doses of Prime could be toxic to some fish. I was careful to only add the exact amounts just as the representative advised and not to do a water change. Even with the elevated nitrite levels as long as I was doing a daily 50% water change my fish ate good and acted normally and I had NO deaths. It wasn't until after I stopped doing the daily water changes and added the huge dose of Prime that my fish started dying. I do like this product for making tap water safe with water changes but I will never add the huge doses to my tank again. It's just too risky in my opinion.

  • PCNoviceGJ - Home designer for remodel ideas

    We are thinking of a bathroom/bedroom remodel. I am PC novice and have bought few software programs before, but often they are frustrating because I am instructed to 'go to our chat room' for help. Home designer has dozens of instructional videos that are very helpful, and narrated by a young woman that has perfect English diction. No Bangalore accent! So after several hours of playing around and watching the videos I am comfortable throwing a remodel design together and modifying it numerous times. I am using very little of the programs entire power, but enough for the job I want. Anyone with a little patience will figure it out more quickly than me. It is a great product and I would definitely buy it again.

  • Victor Romero - Awsome but with one con

    This is an awsome ball, feels great to the touch, the set up becomes much easier for real I don't know how but it does, the serves get much more effect but the only thing I found not good about this ball is that beginers do not like to use it because when you are on the receiving side, the ball hurts a bit if you are not a very active player. It is soft but when receiving a spike some how it still feels hard and a bit heavy.

  • S. D. - tablets do work

    These tablets do work very well. Others who have not had any luck with them may have the same problem I had originally before I was told about this product by my repairman. Since I have an extended service policy on my set, I called to have the smell checked out. The service tech. opened the front of the washer and found several baby socks stuck in the drain trap. Always wondered where those disappeared to. Any small items must be washed in a net-bag to keep them from slipping between the barrel and the gasket at the front of the barrel (vibrating during cycles can allow small items to be squeezed through). The socks smelled horrible! If this is the reason for the smell, then bleach would be a temporary cure.

  • Gourmet Chuckaroo - Works better than I had expected ...

    I bought a whole house humidifier but could not tell what was happening in rooms other than where it is sitting. Thought this might help me monitor the situation. My house has a heat pump and when it is cold, the system runs most of the time causing the air to become very dry and my nasal passages to dry up and dive me bananas. I bought one of these items and then bought two more so I could monitor the humidty throughout the house.

  • jose - Quality good

    This is a good product and I have purchased two units. One for my baby the other for my dog. They worked well, and I can check them at the same time via my iPhone.

  • Quinton - Great bundle

    I love it ! The instruments work well. Got 20% off with Prime. & those free pre-order songs are nice. Wish the extra songs you can buy weren't $2 each.. I'd buy a lot more if they were cheaper. But the game it self is good. Very fun. First time buying RockBand. Had played Guitar Hero back in ps2 days.