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  • Ashj30 - Please with my purchase!

    I have a daughter who unfortunately struggles with acne. She has some large, deep pores, and despite her best face cleaning efforts and the help of acne medicine, she still gets blackheads. Because they are often difficult to remove, and using her fingers can cause way more damage, she was looking for a good set of removal tools to help her keep her face clear.

  • gnudung - Search may be less FUBAR than before, but still that acronym applies

    Kindle edition: it's a database, but it does not act like one. Just try to find a film, for example Frozen. The search will return a few characters from exacly 100 -- that's right -- one hundred -- entries. You get to click away to see which is the one you seek. Also, even if all you want to search are the reviews, it will search the lists, awards, cast, directors, &c. It's a great tool, the reviews are good, and VideoHound reviewers are much stricter than their competitors in awarding top marks, a feature I like. Search, aaaagggghhhhh.

  • Anita M. Rehm - big mistake!

    This leaves a terrible haze on my wood floors. I had been using Bruce wood floor cleaner for years with no problem or buildup. Our store was out of it and someone suggested Bona. My floors are so dull and ugly now. Hopefully I can somehow bring the shine back. Stay away from this if you like a nice shiney hardwood floor.

  • Louis Patterson - it's very comfortable and holds my phone

    Normally I just have my glasses, one phone, key, and a couple cards. I have been running daily for the last 2 months, always holding my phone in my hand.