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  • Amazon Customer - this is a poorly designed and qa'd product-great concept but poor execution rushed to market

    Shame on Samsung!!!! this is a poorly designed and qa'd product-great concept but poor execution rushed to market. I tried 2 unit and both returned - the Samsung service people said that they had not had one work without many problems

  • Arkansas Lady - Hair and Nails

    I have used this product previously and was pleased with the results. That is why, though there are many other products on the market that have had good-great reviews, I decided to once again go with this product. I notice my hair grows faster and is seems that there is even "new" hair in areas where my hair had thinned. My nails do grow faster although I am not sure I would say that they are stronger. Other product users mention that their products seem to improve their skin. I can not really make that claim with this product at this time. I will reorder this product again soon.

  • dspacc - FAKE PRODUCT

    i bought this biosilk recently. I have purchased biosilk from the beauty supply store in town MANY times. I have used the real Biosilk on my hair many many times. This time, i bought it from amazon thinking the price was good. Having this product for about a month now, i finally opened it. I dont think the fact that i had it for a month should affect the product at all. this product is like WATER. it is NOT the real biosilk, OR it is terribly watered down. In any case it is not what the REAL BIOSILK is at all. the REAL Biosilk is very thick and viscous. It is slippery and leaves a coating on your hands when poured. This product is like water. something is WRONG please learn from me and buy the real Biosilk in a store to ensure you are buying the real thing. Cant believe there are really "fake" hair products, but apparently you learn something new every day.

  • MichiganCamper - Easy to Follow, Love the Results

    I'm on day 5, and I'm loving the food. I can't believe that I am never hungry on this plan because before this, I was always hungry. Many of the negative ratings for this book say that it is too complicated-- it isn't. Just read carefully, and don't begin until you have what you need. Others have said it is unrealistic-- and I couldn't agree less. Get the vitamins from the store, get the weird seeds and the tasty spices. It's only complicated when you compare it to a frozen dinner that you pop in the microwave. Lots of the negative ratings claim that you must buy the Dr's Vitamins. And that is just not true.

  • Lucretia Taylor - Face Cream

    Product arrived on time and in original packaging; I was a little concerned when I learned that the Spa was in Hong Kong but the product appears to be genuine and I was happy and pleasantly surprised with the speed of its delivery.