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    City: -77.0364 District of Columbia, United States

  • Carol - Great stuff for root lifting! And it smells great!

    Great stuff for root lifting! And it smells great! I love it! Whenever I order it, I always order 2 because I don't want to run out!

  • Momo - Awesome!

    These same frames were $168 at Wal-mart. I have had the Wal-mart ones and these and they are exactly the same! I love it!

  • L. Annette Ford - Good Product

    This is a good product. It would be perfect if it did not contain propylene (sp?) glycol. It is the only product I use which contains it because I see no benefit in using cosmetics or dental products containing certain chemicals and any form of paraben on a daily basis. If I find a product w/o proplylene glycol that does a great job, I will switch to it.

  • jimmyfergus - Very good, plenty of room for improvement

    (After a few months with this, I upped the rating to 4* from 3. I like it a lot; not perfect, but a very useful bag)