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  • R. Rosini - Wait for the audiobook version

    While the printed version is good, I would have expected the publisher to have an audiobook version as well. A perfect companion for one's Ipod.

  • TawnyMc - Great deal

    Best way to get into this line. I love everything in here! The oil and leave in conditioner are the best, can't live without them

  • Pharm Hand - Now I understand what's happening!

    After reading this book I can see what is happening with our current government. And I can also see how to stop it. If you read or watch the news (not the horrible mainstream news) you will see how and who will stop it. (A few are doing it now, but nobody believes it.) It's time to join in, and stop the distruction of our constitutional rights by the current administration.

  • Rebecca Hoover - Works

    I was going insane with hot flashes both night and day. I also was having issues with weight loss. The hot flashes have stopped and I have been able to loose 18lbs. Wohoo for me...

  • Angela Desmarais - awful

    I have had an awful time with QB MAC since my purchase, I wish i could return it and go back to QB for Windows. I have had constant technical issues, and no one in technical support can help. I think there are great things about the program, if only they worked correctly. I am incredibly disappointed and if it wasn't for the brand new Mac computer, I would go back to using QB for windows in a heartbeat.

  • Clare O'Brien Doyle - I am enjoying this book very much. Different and well done.

    I especially loved the piece about Chernobyl. Fascinating. the piece on Cairo is also terrific. I am not yet done, but look forward to the rest.


    Very good resource! Easily navigated with significant scholarly notations. Found it much easier to read and handle than printed versions. Best feature is ability to easily and quickly navigate the content.