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  • MELANIE - other than that though its still the good classic its always been

    The only small complaint I have about this is that it is not played the same as the classic sorry game and the new rules make it a little confusing for people who are used to the original. other than that though its still the good classic its always been. and a little helpful hint, you don't have to play by the new rules if you don't want to, you can still play it like the original.

  • M. Bennett - His access doesn't seem to blunt his facts.

    I'm amazed at how he gets into the places he does, and I'm glad he takes us with him. I haven't heard anything about about the cast of fringe thinkers behind Trump until this book.

  • Grumpy Reader - Very useful for certain situations

    I've had it for a couple of weeks now. There's a lot to like. It is comfortable, and fairly quick to take on and off (30-45 seconds to put on, only a few seconds to take off). Compared to regular crutches it is wonderful to be able to use my hands- fix lunch, carry my laptop to another room, get a drink, etc. I was worried that it might hurt my knee, but the weight seems to be distributed all along the knee and shin, so that hasn't been a problem. It didn't take long to get the hang of it, but I did stumble a couple of times, and there does seem potential to hurt yourself that way. The pictures on the box shows people walking their dog, shopping, and mowing the lawn, but I don't expect to ever feel like I can do those things in the crutch. When I take a few steps on the lawn, even very slight grade and unevenness makes me feel very unstable. I don't think I'd even feel comfortable using it out of the house even in stores and paved areas. I have to watch every step and even small irregularities are a problem. So I think of it as just for use in the house. It really is handy for that, doing simple household chores.