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Haiti Outreach Ministries - Helping Haiti Help Themselves - Sharing the Gospel with the people of Haiti through evangelism, education and medical care.

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  • Nebintex - D-Hist

    My Dermotologist recommended this product over a two years ago to help my congested sinuses. I used this product until I ran out and didnt have an appointment with him for four more months. Began searching on internet and found the product orderd and got back on the program. In less than a week the sinus problem clear to where it was before I ran out. I also get a better nights sleep since I have got back on DHist.

  • Screarnt - Great for home mine making.

    I use this juice for home wine making. I mix it with Langer's Cranberry Raspberry juice to make Cranberry Raspberry Apple wine and it is the most delicious wine I have ever made. I have trouble keeping it around long enough to properly age and bottle it. If you like to make wine try this out. Mix it half and half with cran raspberry juice and add sugar to your desired alcohol content. Of course the juice tastes delicious on it's own as well.

  • Kristi - This stuff is great but it seems like after about 2 hours of ...

    This stuff is great but it seems like after about 2 hours of wearing the lotion tends to "melt" down into my eyes! It's so crazy!! My eyes just start stinging and then I smell that SPF smell, I don't wear any setting powder or makeup on top of the lotion so maybe that's why it's not staying in place but it is working very well to keep my skin (and eyeballs!) well protected!

  • Kathleen G. - Now i get it

    At first i thought it sounded expensive, but then i saw that batteries are included. That's when we decided to go for it and we're glad we did.

  • Tracy K - Uppbaby

    Great price for this as in stores it is about double. Fits perfect on the Uppababy stroller. Not sure how it will work with coffee though but for water it will be perfect!

  • R. Leabo - It's great if you don't mind a little self-loathing afterwards...

    Far-fetched? YES. Terrible acting? You betcha! Could one man really defy death at the last possible second 50 times in real life? Hell no! But the story in interesting enough, and the visuals are pretty outstanding. It's a typical big budget end of the world flick that only really suffers from John Cusak. Did you really expect an Oscar-ridden movie?

  • katiegirl - it does what it says

    this is one of those rare times when a book really teaches you something....as a barefoot young girl, i remember those days of summer, feeling so healthy and happy, even stepping on bees, just pulling out the stinger, and getting back to playing!