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Naturopathic Physician - Healing Pathways Medical Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona - Healing Pathways Medical Clinic of Phoenix, Arizona provides naturopathic therapies using the NEAT method that bridge both conventional and natural medicine and integrate scientific research with the healing powers of nature.

  • http://www.healingpathwaysmedical.com/cancer-treatment.html Cancer Treatment Center - Healing Pathways Medical Clinic, Phoenix Arizona - Cancer Treatment at Healing Pathways Medical Clinic of Phoenix, Arizona provides naturopathic therapies using non-toxic, immune building, re-regulating, and body cleansing cancer program without damaging the immune system.

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  • David Dunatov - All you need is Sea Foam

    My Mazda 6i at 60K miles started to have a rough idle whenever I would stop at a red light (the revs would oscillate and eventually settle at 750RPM, although it made the car do some nasty vibrations and would stall it out once in a while). I assumed it was either one of the sensors or throttle control but came across this product and figured it was worth a shot before I started to disassemble my engine.

  • Bridget Calfee - I really like this book

    I really like this book. It is full of information to help study for the ASVAB test. My son is interested in the military and found out at school that he will have to take the ASVAB test. This book covers all areas that you will need to study to get your prepared to take the test. I really like the practice questions and the answers it helps explain the information and makes it easier to understand. If you are thinking of going into the military and serving our country this is a excellent book to help get you prepared for the test.

  • Jonathan A. Camp - Pretty good..., except for:

    Need to fix (wheel that controls open/close is now pushed out of reach from the slot it protrudes from)the heating/AC vents in the dashboard. Book illustrations would have me take the "decorative" panel off of the dash to access,(shows a tool prying the panel off, but no mention of what manner/type of clips that hold it in place...) then leaves me in the dark as to how to take the grill off of the vents that need to be fixed. Sorry, but I am not that adventurous when it comes to VERY expensive and seldom available, plastic parts that become only too obvious when one damages them. Especially on a relatively new 2008 vehicle, that I haven't finished paying for... No other mention of these vents in the book. Needless to say, I am not thrilled at the prospect of this adventure. To it's credit, the book DOES cover many other trim removal procedures; just not this one! I have ordered a CD from another supplier, we will see if the *coverage is any better... *(5000 pages, so it says, it had better be!)

  • MTNHIKR - Tomato plants are doing great!

    Great little light for the money. Not overly bright but gets the job done. My wife and I pull guard duty every night looking through our tomato plants for Horn Worms with these lights. Almost invisible during the day the worms glow bright at night under the UV light. So easy to find and remove now. This time last year we had lost almost our entire crop to the worms because we didn't have the UV flashlights..

  • insertNamehere - My experience with Slendertone

    Quick disclaimer (tl;dr) : This product works wonders when used properly! But if you are looking for an easy way to get a 6-pack with no pain, diet or additional exercise it's not going to happen with this product or any other. Just turn away and go contact your nearest plastic surgeon.

  • N. C. Nadal - Bad bucket case.

    I have been using this brand for the past 2 years with good results. However, besides the price increasing from $114.99 to $129.99, with my large purchase I got a case of "bad bucket".