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Healthier You: Vital Information for the Informed Patient and Caregiver - Healthier You provides medical and mental health information for the patient and caregiver.

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  • Tony Weetman - great product

    great product. It does what it says on the box and a lot more besides. Very pleased with my purchase

  • Happy Kayaker - Expectations Exceeded

    After researching this product and reading many reviews of this product and other similar devices, I chose the Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit and must say I'm glad I chose it. It's compact and its design is well thought out. It's simple to use and appears to be well built. Be sure to get a recent manufacture style because some of the earlier productions had some problems, but have been worked out in the more recent manufacture dates. I'm now planning my future purchases of products that use batteries to revolve around AA and AAA batteries so I can take full advantage of my Goal Zero.

  • Kathleen Hegeman - Best product for putting together a publication

    Great product for putting together a publication. Much easier to use than just using Microsoft Word. My teenagers were getting frustrated trying to do creative school projects and articles on Microsoft Word, so we purchased them Publisher. They find it much more user friendly and for those projects. It also provides many more creative options.

  • Theodore - BIGGEST FRAUD!!!!

    All the stupid claims made by the owners of this so-called tummy tuck "miracle" slimming whatever are all empty. It is a waste of money. I watched their video and had followed every step they recommended. Not only that I apply this cream which came with the belt twice daily, I go to the gym wearing this belt and spend at least one and half hours everyday sweating at the gym, I did not even loose an inch. the worst of it all is that I cut my meals to twice daily, and I eat very light food - coffee with an egg in the morning, and beans and vegetables in the afternoon, I did not even loose half an inch in almost 2 months that I started using all these fraudulent products. The first month, I used the type called - "It Works Global" and nothing happened, then, I bought this tummy tuck stuff, and its the same story.

  • Laurie - Keeps headache's away

    This preventive product is great. No more worries about any issues when used on a regular basis. Monthly use is fine to keep everything working properly!

  • jlerviti - Buyer BEWARE!

    It is important to know that the 2013 version varies significantly from all past versions of Peachtree accounting software. From this point forward you MUST pay to have the tax tables work. All previous editions allowed the user, if he/she so chose, to enter the payroll tax information manually. This process is relatively simple and once learned is very easy to annually update (and costs nothing). I have used Peachtree for the past 17 years and find it to be a good product but now Sage has simply turned their program into another cash cow. I believe you will spend around $250-275 annually on the tax program alone. You need not upgrade at all unless your computer will no longer run the program. In my experience "new" features presented by Sage are minimal and not worth the cost of an annual upgrade.