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  • jairster - Seems to work but . . .

    I have almost finished my 1st bottle and my hair loss has slowed considerably. I have been using other products along with this so I can't give full credit to this. Also, I do experience some itching daily (I believe I'm allergic to the milk thistle). The new bottle I just received also has less of the 'proprietary blend" then my 1st bottle. Went from 1650 down to 1500 mg. Disappointing how companies nowadays give less value and the consumer gets the short end; and you don't find out unless you do your own research. (seems to happen more all the time).

  • Richard - Excellent results in my home office

    I've been using these in my HP LaserJet for my home office over the past 4 years. They work fine and I've had no issues. Good value and no difference than I can detect from the much more expensive OEM cartrige. Well-packaged in a sealed bag and protective inserts in the box..

  • TomBob - NO Upgrade Pricing?

    Like many others here have written previously, I have been using MS Office Professional for many years (mid 1990s) and have upgraded several times. I decided to investigate Office Pro 2010 only to learn that no Upgrade Pricing is available -- only full version pricing. I found an article in an online magazine that explained that a "lack of customers killed Office Upgrade pricing?!?!? From what I am reading in these reviews, there seem to be quite a few potential Upgrade pricing customers. Sounds more like a lack of regard by Microsoft for faithful customers. I won't be upgrading at full price anytime soon.

  • Matt H. - Good bike but poor service

    I was very displeased with this purchase. The bike arrived well after the 3-5 days promised, even accounting for holidays (ordered Dec 23, arrived january 6) and many of the cables and other components came mal-adjusted. The cables around the handlebars took a lot of creative yoga to get untangled and get into the right places.

  • Judy S. - Biltong! AWESOME - One taste and you'll never eat jerky again!

    We received this product yesterday on our way to our 11 year old daughter's soccer practice. I was driving and my husband opened up the package. The first thing he did was took a deep inhale of the contents and said, "WOW! You have to smell this!" So he held the bag to my nose and then to our daughter's in the back seat. We were all blown away by how amazing it smelled.