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Dupuytren France - Site internet du Docteur Henri Lellouche rhumatologue, sp├ęcialiste de la maladie de dupuytren et infiltration

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  • Comet - Heartburn and Childhood Asthma Cure!

    I have had asthma since I was 3 years old, and started getting acid reflux symptoms when I was about 15 or so (I'm 30 now). I got fed up with taking both advair and whatever heartburn med I was on at the time (most recently, prevacid). The meds worked, but I was worried about long term side effects, so I bought this book. He suggests increasing your stomach acid to reduce heartburn symptoms (counter intuitive, I know, but brilliant) and argues why turning off your acid production is a bad solution. He also talks about the link between gerd and childhood asthma. Anyway, one of the first recommendations he makes on how to treat yourself is bitters. I bought nature made swedish bitters, and it worked wonders. I never had to progress to his later recommendation of HCL. If the bitters work, then he seems to prefer that option.

  • Tommy H. - With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibility

    I admit it, I'm a ladies' man. And when you put this shirt on a ladies' man, it's like giving an AK-47 to a ninja. Sure it looks cool and probably would make for a good movie, but you know somebody is probably going to get hurt in the end (no pun intended). That's what almost happened to me, this is my story...

  • BK0581 - At-home TENS machine works!

    I've had chronic pain all my life (literally,) so when I went to a physical therapy appointment years ago for shoulder discomfort, they hooked me up to their TENS machine in their office. A professional grade TENS machine is literally the size of most Ultra Sound (or EKG) devices, and they have electrodes that attach to your body and emit small electric impulses to your body wherever the pain is to try to relieve you of that pain.

  • dca74 - Just like the name Reel Deal!

    Lots of games to pick from, without driving to Nevada. Fun and games right in your own home Reel Deal.