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  • Amazon Customer - DVD misses the point and ignores stories

    I knew going in that this was a highlight film. I have watched these types of videos before. They help to retell the story in a 60-90 minute format, this particular program being 70 minutes Realizing that it is tough to squeeze an entire season or even a Playoff run into that amount of time, I didn't expect to see every play or entire games. However, I did expect to get the "stories" from the Regular Season and the drama from the Playoffs and Finals. Unfortunately this was not the case.

  • Patricia Sanchez - House of Fun Slots

    I downloaded the game for free. I played it for a couple of days and was having fun, until it locked up on me! It totally locked up my Kindle Fire for the rest of the evening and most of the next day. First of all, I could not get it to turn off. At some point during the night, it (Kindle Fire) must have shut down. The next day, I could not get my Kindle Fire to turn on. It was acting like the battery had died. Finally, in the evening, it turned on. I have not gone in to play the game again. I am trying to decide if I want to keep it or delete it. It was frustrating because the reels were locking up until the final time that it froze everything!

  • Keyboard Player - This is a great collector's album

    This is a great collector's album. Information about the parks is very helpful. Looking forward to collecting all of the quarters in this series.

  • Pamela Smith - All I can say is WOW!

    I have extremely sun sensitive skin, read horrible rash from just a little exposure. 50+ sunscreen doesn't protect me for long. I've tried most every tanning product out there and I always looked orange or streaky and smelled horrible. This product gives me a nice healthy glow that I can build to a light to medium tan (I'll never be really tan) and it has a pleasant scent. If applied as directed there is no streaking. I'm very pleased with Tan Physics.

  • griffin - Do you really want to be a Nurse

    I haven't opened it yet which explains why i failed the test. LOL I'm sure it would have worked. It helped me realize that I didn't want to be a nurse. So it did help me a little I guess.

  • MANsion - Not for me...got to be desperate or really stuffy to attempt use again

    I read many reviews and some people like it. I really don't care for the nose strips. I wiped my face before placing the strip on so the oil from my skin wouldn't interfere with the adhesive. The strips barely stayed in place although they did not completely fall off. When morning came and I took the strips off it was difficult and actually left adhesive on my face even after I used alcohol and witch hazel to remove. I think I will try something that can insert into my nostrils next time I need nasal relief.