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Husby-Tanderup - Virtuelt mødested for borgere og gæster i Vestfyns hjerte, tvillingelandsbyerne Husby og Tanderup/Håre

Country:, Europe, DK

City: 12.0564 , Denmark

  • mike perkovich - Great

    I really enjoyed this book. Real great suspense. I could not put it down I just kept reading. I will have to check out his other stories.

  • Laurence Shipman - Started bubbling up after the first rain / freeze!!

    I used this last August on a large deck that is made up of two sections, one old section done years ago with solid stain and a new section with bare boards. I followed all directions including power washing and letting it dry completely for several days. It came out looking fantastic! However in November with the first rain / freeze, the old section started bubbling up in big patches. It's now March and most of this section has peeled up. Today I powerwashed the remaining bits off. The new section with the bare wood still looks great with NO bubbling / peeling.

  • J Hutchison - Good product!

    I was having trouble healing after surgery and went to a Doctor who was a good nutritionist and he directed me to another green product but it cost to much. I looked for one that was close to the one the Dr. Nutritionist had recommended for me for my problem and this came very close. It did the job for me! Your needs would be different! All I can say is this one worked for me. I can not say what it would do for you but for me It is worth the cost! I enjoy this product once daily. I drink my smoothie made from several different recites, below is one of my favorite recites. If you are having trouble like me; I would encourage you to find a good Doctor who is a Nutritionist also. He was such a help for me. Diet: I am not using sugar and I am eating healthy as well.

  • Regan Russell - These are way too big for my 13 year old ...

    These are way too big for my 13 year old to swallow. I somehow thought they were chewable... I kept trying to get her to take it by cutting them in thirds, but have decided to give up and throw them out as my window for returning them has closed.