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Hypoglycemic Health Association of Australia - - The Hypoglycemic Health Association of Australia is a non-profit organisation providing information on Hypoglycemia, psychotherapy, clinical nutrition and more! Please take a look at our site and consider becoming a member of our association or helping us raise awareness of hypoglycemia.

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  • angeltoes - Warps in use

    Heavy stainless steel pans should not warp in use. I absolutely hate this product . Wish I had gone to America's Test Kitchen for their review on pans. Used them before and got great pans. These are a waste of my money.

  • Lisa - Unpleasant sent

    I peronally don't like the sent of this. I can still smell it in the bathroom hours later. I thought i would be a mild sent since it is for babies but its not. The only reason I am not giving it a lower rating is because it seemed to do its job.

  • HK is OK - Excellent product with two faults.

    I really enjoy having this phone. It is sophisticated, having some very desirable features. The Android 4.0 is a big improvement. The pull down controls are super handy. It allows for some quick changes like turning on/off wifi, data, screen brightness, rotation and some others. I like that a lot. The large screen is bright, clear and sharp. Touch response is excellent. Buttons controls are solid and the camera is excellent.

  • E. Tam - It works, but beware! My house is now ...

    It works, but beware! My house is now filled with spirits who can move objects and have gone as far as to put my hand into a bowl of warm water while I was sleeping! When I woke up, the spirits had already emptied the bowl and put it back into the cupboard, but the evidence was all in the sheets.

  • John Fountain - these shoes have a wide toe box and are by far the most comfortable cycle shoes I have ever had

    I bought the Simano shoes because they offer wide sizes, I have had trouble with other brands due to my wide feet. As advertised, these shoes have a wide toe box and are by far the most comfortable cycle shoes I have ever had. The fastener system is simple and the shoes are easy to adjust to fit as snugly as you like. I have used them in very hot conditions and they are as cool as any shoe. It was simple to install the Shimano cleats. The only reason I give 4 starts instead of five is that I have had them only a month or so and thus cannot speak to their durability.

  • Tacomagal - Great mop

    The handle is a little short. And I would like to see microfiber cloth. OtherwIse this works like a charm. Picks up dirt (not so great on hair) great and wrings out so well that the floor is dry soon after mopping.

  • Amazon Customer - Could have been 4 or 5 stars

    What is up with her proof readers??? Are they to excited to read the book that they forget to correct the problems of the book?? Wrong names/ words used it takes so much away when you have to read then reread to get an understanding.(this is all her books). I still like to read them.