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  • Katie McCoy - Solar powered greatness!

    I love these for my backyard! They are great for being able to see my dogs at night. You can mount them wherever you want and they have a motion detector on them. I wanted a light that I wouldn't have to turn on and off and this is perfect for me. It has a light saver mode that it goes into when no motion is detected. The light saver mode is a dimmed light. Plus it is solar powered, so no light bill to pay for it and no wiring required! They come with all the hardware need to install them. They are not super bright lights (not flood lights), but they work to illuminate a small area like a gateway, small porch/deck, or walkway. I received this product at a discounted price for my honest opinion. I couldn't be happier with them and will be buying more!

  • MrFastZombie - No bubbles

    Works very well, no bubbles at all, not even around the edges. No scratches so far either. It does not 100% prevent finger prints, but you do not notice any finger prints with the screen on. Additionally, it is pretty easy to clean the fingerprints off.

  • volvochic_2 - Good teaching tool.

    In preparation for our first flight with our daughter, we purchased this Playmobile Security Check point. It was to our benefit. This security check point comes equipped with TSA agents that have no verbal communication, no sense of reality, and limited flexibility. The checkpoint was very real to life; since we did not read all directions before beginning to play with the toy, sirens went off and we were told to move away from the toy, separate ourselves and face the wall. After proper instruction and many repetitions of proper behavior, we were able to play with the toy again, but we had been red flagged so we had to be very careful what we said or did as to not set off another set of alarms.

  • kinakomochi - Works just fine; many of the one-stars didn't know they have bits of clothing caught inside the washer before cleaning it

    Judging by the yeas for this product and glancing at the nays (which tbh, can all be traced to small articles of clothing getting stuck in drains)... the yeas seem to be echoing my own experience.

  • Average Consumer 123 - Unacceptable

    I purchased this book to see if I could take my toilet seat business international. After several showings on the "Shark Tank", Kevin O'Leary decided to sue me for getting festering splinters in his tuchas. I just don't understand it. I waxed, sanded, and polished every single one of my seats, and yet the wood grain took a disliking to his paisley buttocks. Distraught, and flabbergasted, I stormed off the set. In a fit of rage I cracked the seat in half....unknowingly creating the best invention known to man, the "halfassed seat"...Not only does it look aerodynamic, but it surprisingly cures constipation. Now, I'm no doctor, or businessman, or professional, or lawyer but this has got to be a hot commodity overseas, so I decided to sell it to the Chinese (after all, they've given us so many quality products over the years and I need to return the favor). I bought this book to see what my chances were for selling such an item...Going on the advice of what's in the book, I made the leap to sell the "halfassed" toilet seat in China. Kevin O'Leary saw what a marketable product I had, recommended that I install a clock radio, and USB charging port, and offered me $1000 for 100% of the company. Unfortunately we made this deal when I was drunk and I kept staring at his shiny head, like a deer in headlights. Now, shamed by the opportunity I missed, I work as a Wall street banker selling stocks and bonds, and IPhones on the side. I dream of the glorious life opportunity I could have had with my toilet seat.

  • Ashtar Command - A mindset here to stay

    “MAGA Mindset” is a book by Mike Cernovich, a popular blogger and Twitter personality. He is mostly known for his tweets and Periscope broadcasts on Hillary Clinton's health and various media hoaxes. His two designer dogs Dante and Julius have also become Twitter personalities of some standing. Cernovich, who calls himself libertarian and New Right, supports the campaign of Donald Trump and calls on Trump's voters to boycott the rest of the Republican ticket. “MAGA Mindset” is published by Vox Day's Castalia House, an Alt-Right outfit. Weirdly, Castalia is based in Finland and Cernovich's work is therefore protected by Finnish copyright laws!