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  • Angela J. Coughenour - Our Secret Ingredient

    I have used this spice for a few years now. We go through 1-2 bottles a month. We put it on burgers, steak, chicken, pork, and fish -- just about any meat you can think of. Every time we have a cookout, our guests want to know our secret to our delicious burgers. Try it, you won't be sorry. I would have given it 5 stars if it wouldn't be so darned expensive....

  • OscarMoscar - Chalk full of information!

    I plan on doing this program to heal my gut and (fingers crossed) kick my lupus into remission. Dr. Natasha Campbell did an amazing job of describing the science behind leaky gut and putting her plan in detail. I do want to mention that I read a blog of someone who did the GAPS diet and did not have spectacular results. A commenter mentioned Mediator Release Testing (MRT testing) to look for food sensitivities. Based on that comment, I decided to do that too before I started the program. Turns out I am highly sensitive to some of the main staples of the diet (beef, dairy, avocado). I am doing the LEAP immunocalm diet first based on my MRT blood results and plan to go directly into the introduction GAPS diet based on those results. By the way, MRT was the best money I have spent so far! I have been off all of my meds (including ibuprofen for joint pain) for 18 days and counting. Cannot wait to get elbows deep in GAPS to heal and seal my gut!

  • D. Quilts - Not Yet!

    Only been using it for a couple of weeks - so far no change at all - and it's half gone. But I keep hoping. I'm VERY OLD so maybe it's just tooooo late for me.

  • alwaysglo - Outstanding Product

    These are the best - no need to make mashed potatoes from scratch. You'll never buy any other brand after using Creamy Mash. No chemicals, no preservatives, no "instant mashed potato" taste. Can't understand why it isn't sold in grocery stores. If you're trying to get away from chemical laden processed foods, you'll be pleased with Creamy Mash.

  • MOMSTER - Nice variety

    Since I’ve really been getting into using essential oils I saw this set of 6 Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and saw some scents I didn’t have. The scents I didn’t have that came with this set are really great and I like being able to try out new oils. There’s great variety in this set and it also gave me the opportunity to compare different brands of the same essential oil. It’s really interesting to smell an oil that puts out a fresher and more intense scent like I did with the lavender oil. The lavender oil from Gardinesca has a lovely aroma and is the first oil I used in my new oil diffuser. The smell in my bedroom is just amazing with this oil and I’ve since tried the other scents in the diffuser and they are each unique. I only need a small amount and the scent really lasts quite a long time. The sweet orange essential oil is my favorite scent in this set and I was really surprised at how wonderful it smelled. I’m just starting to experiment with combining the different oils and having a nice assortment like this is a great way for me to learn how to do this. This also comes packaged so nicely that I know it will make a nice gift for my friends who also enjoy essential oils.