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Ingalls Health System - Hospital Chicago South Suburbs - Welcome to the official website of Ingalls Health System - a hospital and health system serving Chicago’s south suburbs.

  • http://www.ingalls.org/Advanced-Orthopedic-Institute.aspx Advanced Orthopedic Institute - Orthopedic Care - Ingalls - The Advanced Orthopedic Institute at Ingalls in Chicago’s south suburbs is the region’s top destination for joint and spine care for every member of the family
  • http://www.ingalls.org/AOI-Joint-Center.aspx Joint Center - Hip, Knee, Shoulder Care - Ingalls - Ingalls is the only hospital in Chicago’s South Suburbs with a center dedicated solely to joint care. Joints are all we treat. So we're better at treating them.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/AOI-Spine-Center.aspx Spine Center - Neck, Spine Treatment - Ingalls - The Ingalls Spine Center does more procedures of the neck, spine, discs, vertebrae, nerves and spinal cord than any other hospital in Chicago's South Suburbs.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/AOI-Sports-Medicine.aspx Sports Medicine - ACL Reconstruction - Ingalls - If you or a family member has been sidelined with a sports injury, you can count on the fellowship-trained sports medicine doctors at Ingalls.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/AOI-Rehabilitative-Medicine.aspx Rehabilitative Medicine - Physical Therapy - Ingalls - From physical and occupational therapy to pain management, we will help you choose the best way to transition from inpatient or outpatient care to home.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Pain-Management.aspx Pain Center - Pain Management - Ingalls - Our pain management specialists relieve pain in all areas of the body including the head and neck, joints, hips, abdomen.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Behavioral-Health.aspx Behavioral Health Services - Mental Health - Ingalls - Ingalls Behavioral Health is committed to providing quality, therapeutic behavioral health treatment for our patients and their families.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Inpatient-Adult-Care.aspx Inpatient Psychiatric Care - Ingalls - Our adult inpatient program offers a safe, supportive, and therapeutic environment managed by our treatment team.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Addictions.aspx Illinois Institute For Addiction Recovery - Ingalls - The Institute treats individuals who are fighting alcohol, drug, gambling, sex, Internet and/or other addictions.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Adolescent.aspx Adolescent Group Therapy and Psychiatric - Ingalls - Adolescent programs including Adolescent Group Therapy and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitalization.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/intensive-outpatient-program.aspx Behavioral Health - Intensive Outpatient Program - Ingalls - For those struggling with depression, stress, anxiety, or chronic medical conditions, or those who are experiencing impacts from a neurological disease.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Cancer-Care.aspx Newly Diagnosed With Cancer - Ingalls - At Ingalls, we take your cancer care personally. We identify your cancer's unique signature and find the most appropriate way to treat it.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Cancer-Newly-Diagnosed.aspx Newly Diagnosed With Cancer - Ingalls - We understand that fighting cancer is a journey. So we work with each patient to connect them to the best resources, here or anywhere, to fight their cancer.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Cancer-Research.aspx Cancer Clinical Trials - Cancer Research - Ingalls - At Ingalls Cancer Care, our clinical trial patients are among the first to benefit from new therapies.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Cancer-Technology-and-Treatment.aspx IMRT - IGRT - PET/CT - RFA - SIRT - Ingalls - Our patients enjoy the best cancer treatment technology available including IMRT, IGRT, PET/CT scanning, digital mammography, and more.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/cancer-rehabilitation.aspx Cancer Rehabilitation Program - Ingalls - The Ingalls S.T.A.R. Cancer Rehab Program is a new set of resources to help you minimize cancer’s effect in your life.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/OutpatientInfusionCenter.aspx Cancer & Non-Cancer Infusion Services - Ingalls - For patients who require frequent infusions or injections of medications, Ingalls offers comprehensive outpatient infusion services at three locations.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/LungsforLife.aspx Lung Cancer Screening CT Scan - Ingalls - If you are a current smoker or former smoker, you may be eligible for a unique, life-saving way of screening for cancer before there are any symptoms.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/videos/26383214 Videos - Cancer Care at Ingalls - Ingalls - A comprehensive overview of Ingalls Cancer Care technologies and team approaches to treatment.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Heart-and-Vascular.aspx Heart and Vascular Care - Ingalls - Our heart and vascular services cover emergency care, diagnostic examination, treatment and rehabilitation, with board-certified cardiologists.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Ingalls-Integrated-Heart-Care-Center.aspx Ingalls Integrated Heart Care Center - Ingalls - At the Ingalls Integrated Heart Care Center, we offer the latest technological diagnostic techniques; so you can know your risk of heart disease
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Heart-and-Vascular-stroke.aspx Stroke Treatment and Diagnosis - Stroke Center - Ingalls - Ingalls developed its Stroke Center to increase awareness of stroke symptoms and prevention – and to diagnose and treat stroke patients as quickly as possible.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Heart-and-Vascular-Leg-Veins.aspx Varicose Veins Treatment - Leg Vein Treatment - Ingalls - Ingalls Vein Clinic offers laser vein ablation, ambulatory phlebectomy, injection sclerotherapy, veinwave therapy and other services for treating leg vein conditions.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Heart-and-Vascular-Diabetes.aspx Diabetes Center - Diabetes Treatment - Ingalls Flossmoor - The Ingalls Outpatient Diabetes Management Center specializes in treating patients with Type 1, Type 2, gestational and pre-diabetes.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Home-Care-and-Hospice.aspx Home Care - Hospice Care - Ingalls - You can feel comfortable knowing that Ingalls Home, Hospice and Private Duty Care is certified by Medicare Joint Commission’s Home Care Accreditation Program.

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