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Integrative Medicine, Onsite Clinics | InHouse Physicians IL - InHouse Physicians is a health clinic provider offering cost containment solutions through integrative medicine, population health, and patient advocacy.

  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/about/ About Our Company | Illinois | InHouse Physicians - Dr. Jonathan Spero, M.D. founded InHouse Physicians with the goal of promoting the health and wellness of employees and their families.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/about/message-from-our-ceo/ Message from our CEO | InHouse Physicians - InHouse Physician CEO Jonathan Spero, MD talks about the value of investment in the worksite health center and value based healthcare
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/about/leadership-team/ Leadership Team | InHouse Physicians - InHouse Physicians’ is led by a team of executives committed to working with companies to contain healthcare costs and promote employee health management.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/about/history/ History of Employee Healthcare | Illinois | InHouse Physicians - InHouse Physicians offers worksite healthcare solutions to reduce healthcare claims and promote employee health through cost effective delivery systems.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/about/inhouse-physicians-difference/ The Difference With Integrative Medicine | InHouse Physicians - IHP provides clients with a comprehensive patient engagement program that drives utilization of the health center and all of its cost containment services.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/about/for-employers/ Integrative Health Solutions for Employers | InHouse Physicians - InHouse Physicians offers employee health solutions that become one of the top valued benefits for employees, and sophisticated cost containment tools.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/about/for-consultants-brokers/ Employee Healthcare for Consultants & Brokers | InHouse Physicians - InHouse Physicians’ worksite healthcare services offer sustained cost containment strategies that address employee health risk factors and utilization of medical resources.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/worksite-health-centers/ Worksite Health Centers | Illinois | InHouse Physicians - InHouse Physicians’ worksite health centers add value by reducing employer healthcare costs, driving employee productivity, and enhancing employee retention and recruitment efforts.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/worksite-health-centers/primary-urgent-care/ Primary & Urgent Care | Worksite Health | InHouse Pysicians - InHouse Physicians worksite health providers delivers value-based care for self-insured employers and their workforce, while cutting costs in healthcare. Read more...
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/worksite-health-centers/ancillary-care-services/ Ancillary Care Services | Worksite Health | InHouse Physicians - Improve quality of healthcare with IHP's Ancillary Care Services. Ideal for small-mid sized self-insured employers - realize a positive ROI today!
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/worksite-health-centers/patient-centered-medical-home/ Patient-Centered Medical Home | Onsite Health | InHouse Physicians - IHP’s Patient-Centered Medical Homes provide full support for employees with chronic conditions by boosting health outcomes and reducing claims.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/worksite-health-centers/value-based-referral-networks/ Value-Based Referral Networks | Onsite Health | InHouse Physicians - IHP’s worksite clinics work with value based, high-performing local medical providers to deliver superior patient outcomes at a lower cost to our clients.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/worksite-health-centers/workplace-wellness-programs/ Employee Wellness Programs & Services | InHouse Physicians - InHouse Physicians’ offers worksite health clinics with complete wellness services that offer employers a long term ROI from targeted wellness programs.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/worksite-health-centers/population-health-management/ Population Health Management | Onsite Health | InHouse Physicians - IHP's Population Health Management Solutions addresses gaps in care and negative health outcomes by identifying and engaging high risk patients. Read more..
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/worksite-health-centers/disease-management/ Chronic Disease Management | Onsite Health | InHouse Physicians - Disease Management programs at IHP assists employees with chronic conditions and provides individualized care to produce optimal health outcomes.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/worksite-health-centers/occupational-medicine/ Occupational Medicine | Onsite Health | InHouse Physicians - Prevent disease & injury at the workplace with IHP's onsite clinic solutions, showcasing a variety of services that cater to a diverse group of employees.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/worksite-health-centers/biometric-screenings/ Biometric Screenings | InHouse Physicians - InHouse Physicians offers cost effective, biometric screening that can be performed as part of the health risk assessment.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/worksite-health-centers/medical-support-for-meetings/ Medical Support, Onsite Medical Care | InHouse Physicians - InHouse Physicians offers onsite medical care to help promote corporate wellness, employee satisfaction and company cost savings at company events.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/worksite-health-centers/travel-medicine/ Travel Medicine Services | Onsite Clinics | InHouse Physicians - IHP's Travel Medicine Services helps employers keep their workforce healthy during travel via vaccination and targeted wellness programs. Learn more...
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/worksite-health-centers/flu-vaccinations/ Flu Vaccinations For Employees | InHouse Physicians - InHouse Physicians offers a flu vaccinations Program to help keep your employees healthy, productive and revenue driven.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/teleclinic-solution/ TeleClinic Solution | Telemedicine | InHouse Physicians - Read more about IHP's TeleClinic, an innovative and cost-effective approach to telemedicine by boosting employee wellness and cutting healthcare costs.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/case-studies/ Case Studies on Worksite Clinics | InHouse Physicians IL - Understand the ROI your business can receive with a worksite health center solution. Save in healthcare costs, promote positive patient outcomes!
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/ebooks-whitepapers/ Ebooks and Whitepapers on Healthcare | InHouse Physicians - InHouse Physicians has created a collection of wellness ebooks and whitepapers that focus on various healthcare issues available for download.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/published-articles/ Published Healthcare Articles | InHouse Physicians - InHouse Physicians has published a number of articles on various healthcare related topics.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/patient-handouts/ Patient Handouts on Health & Wellness | InHouse Physicians - InHouse Physicians offers a small collection of wellness handouts focusing on risk factors that affect your overall health, available for download.
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/blog/ Company Blog | InHouse Physicians | St. Charles IL - Read the latest in employee health and building a stronger ROI for your healthcare costs. Join the conversation in a new approach to integrative medicine!
  • http://www.inhousephysicians.com/contact/ Contact Us | St Charles, IL | InHouse Physicians - Connect with members of the InHouse Physicians team through our contact us page.

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  • C. Johnson - Software is full of errors and things that worked in 2013 don't work now

    I have used Quicken for years. I started with 2009 and have upgraded every year. Most of those upgrades have been great. This one is a disaster. The screen fails to refresh correctly and then blanks out and comes back. The online balance doesn't refresh when you download transactions so you have to the download twice. The "reconcile with online balance" option just flat out doesn't work and Quicken's official fix for that is to not use it... Why do they even have options if they don't work?!?

  • Jimmy Liang - Seems to work okay

    I was able to do 3 layers of this on my 3 IKEA chairs. Not quite sure if it works as a stain blocker yet, but I can say that it doesn't change the color of the cover, and the feel of the chair after application is the same.