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In-Joy Life Chiropractic and Laser Care | Home - In-Joy Life Chiropractic and Laser Care, owned and operated by Dr. Thomas Burge, uses a combination of technology married with 20 plus years in the healthcare industry to thoroughly evaluate your current spinal and joint health issues and then with best recommendations guide and support you for your current and long term health goals.

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  • Marlon - great for the money

    I have had this tablet for more than a week now. The only problem I have with it is that it is a resistive touch "as advertised" I get more than 3 hrs playing games or watching videos. It fell from me a few times and it still works fine. I would however advise that you buy at least a 16Gb sd card with your purchase to put your apps so that it will continue to work fast.

  • Roddy76 - Do not buy the PC/Mac version!

    I won't repeat what other reviewers here said about the technical problems about this version for PC and Mac. It's enough to say that it simply will not work. Period.

  • John H. - Much Better Day After

    I guess it's time to admit that I am getting older and that I am no longer in my twenties. Recently, my problems with the day after drinking have revolved around headaches. Anything over two drinks would land me in a headache hell the next morning, usually through the afternoon. Add to this that sometimes I would feel groggy or sick, although this happened much less frequently.

  • Lester - They helped me.

    They help me sleep better. One of my nostril valves is collapsed, not sure how, but it's been hard for me to breath when on my left side at night. This made it much easier to breath leading to better sleep. Wish they were slightly cheaper for those that want to use them nightly.