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Home - The Indian Sociological Society as a professional body has come of age. The Society stands as a shining example of how academic affairs of a social science discipline could be organised and how Sociologists, young and old from different regions of India having academic interest in diverse fields of specialisation could be brought on one forum.

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  • Charlie's daughter - I cannot express how frustrating it is not being able ...

    I cannot express how frustrating it is not being able to watch my Oregon Ducks play football when it is broadcast on Pac12 network. I am still

  • nctvi - One of the best action movies ever

    I have seen this movie several times since I bought it. When I want to totally escape, this is the movie to watch. The special effects are absolutely great. Be sure to watch the alternate ending - much better than the original.

  • maestro - Seems Microsoft is lost in space

    The last real update for MS Office was 2010 release. Then 2013 was a mistake and 2016 is a nightmare. Not only it looks like 70's software displayed on screen but also it loads MUCH longer than MS Office 2010. Now the best questions: can you see any major new features or improvements over last 6 years (2010 vs 2016)? I know no one who can tell what the hell is new in MS Office 2016. DO NOT BUY. Microsoft treats us like idiots...

  • Aviva James - Best Album of 2014

    Great album from beginning to end. You will not be disappointed. If you a J Cole fan you understand. If youre not a dan, its nit for you. It'sjust a different type of album that ain't for everyone. But, please do listen. Be my guest!

  • QUISMARY GONZALEZ - The Best for S corp and Personal Taxes too.

    I have used turbo tax for the last 7 years, personal and business, and last two years also purchased similar tax preparation products just to compare. This year I need no other product. In past two year it was proven to me that it is the best software product for tax preparation. However, I do recommend for all users to review the pub 17 issued by the IRS every year, that way you will be 100% sure that you are doing it right. So far in my last 7 years never had an issue, if any they just confirm what my pub 17 says and I follow the rules. I also recommend to read their questions carefully, to be able to answer them correctly.

  • Sarah Conrad - The best Amazon Product I've ever bought!

    This is an amazing device and one that my foot surgeon didn't even know about!! it's so useful and it's helped me do things that my crutches would never ever in a million years let me do!!! I am non weight baring for 5 weeks, and didn't know that was going to be the case. I had ankle surgery and was suppose to receive a walking boot right away but I woke up from surgery and was told I wouldn't be able to walk for over a month. I have a flight of stairs in my house 19 steps high!! the scooter didn't do me any good because I have that crazy staircase. The iwalk has truly been the best investment overall. There are a few things about it that take some getting used to. I did get the grip caught on the pavement a lot when I first started using it and I was really slow, but now i'm a pro at it and I love it. it's a little hard on your knee if worn for hours at a time so make sure you give your knee a little extra padding and give yourself a break every once in a while so you don't overdue it. it's so easy to strap on and off once you get the hang of it, it literally takes me seconds. Everyone calls it my pirate leg hahaha. it's been great though, and if you go out in public people will stare and ask you tons of questions but mostly good, and everyone wants to know where I got it and everyone wished they had one for their previous ankle, or food injuries. It's so great!! Highly recommended!!

  • TheyKeepOnRising - Much better than expected, but also very expensive

    I bought this on impulse from a retail store - I already owned the PS Camera and the controllers from my PS3. I figured it was cheaper than the PC counterparts so might as well, if nothing else I will own an entertaining gimmick for visitors. I have not used VR before.