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  • http://www.integrativehealthcare.org/programs.htm Massage Online CEU, Massage Online Home Study - Integrative Healthcare - 140+ home study massage CEU courses approved by NCBTMB. CEUs accepted by FL, NY, MD and most state boards. 50+ CEU courses available totally online.
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  • Alyssa - Fire hazard

    It's hard to tell if this made any difference for the behavior of my cats, but I want to write a review to talk about the leaking diffuser. I've had it for about a month and it's covered in oil and leaking onto the wall. I only noticed this because of the burning plastic smell which alerted me to look closer and unplug.

  • Christina Garnett - Don't give the the Author such low reviews because of ...

    Don't give the the Author such low reviews because of Amazon's mistake. Ms. Welch is working very hard to get the problem fixed so that when we can read it then we can add as many stars as we want because at least we would have read the book already to do so. Give her and her book a chance.

  • Shushu - Rusts and Breaks

    This mop has a horrible design flaw. The plastic thing that keeps the mop head attached to the handle has a large lip on it that holds water.(look closely at the picture and you will see what I mean) This area of the handle rusts through and it breaks. Two mops have broken like this in one year. Until they change the design I will never buy this again. I wrote to Libman about this issue after the first one broke and there was no response. I use a mop several times a week.


    This product is not effective whatsoever. I've tried it for 3 months and it has not done anything positive for my skin. Nothing at all. I would advise anyone thinking about purchasing Cindy's product not to. It is a waste of money. You would be better off to go to your drug store and buy some overt the counter products , plus you will save money. Also once you call to cancel they try to talk you into just suspending the account. I had to get firm with the representative and tell her i wanted it cancelled period. Supposedly it was cancelled but then the following month I got charged again. This has been an awful experience and a waste of money.

  • Colette - Works Good

    I have been using this for about 2 months and it really works. You have to use it religiously but the bottle makes it so easy to apply that I rarely notice a hassle. Make sure you clean the nozzle every once-in-a-while so it doesn't clog, but it's made my nails much much better. Don't ignore this problem if you have it!!! It does smell--somewhat unpleasant but I put powder on after and I never smell it through socks.