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Inter-Care - Welcome to INTER-CARE - Inter-Care Ltd. is a comprehensive treatment service provider for individuals and families affected by alcoholism and other drug dependencies. We are licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, offering a broad range of outpatient services. Our focus is long-term recovery and personal growth based on a medical model with an emphasis on family involvement in treatment. We provide the professional care and support, experience and tools that go beyond total abstinence, giving our clients the ability and the positive energy to take on life's daily challenges in our New York community.

  • http://www.inter-care.com/index.php/about-us/our-mission-menu Inter-Care - The INTER-CARE Mission - The INTER-CARE mission is to provide the highest standard of outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment using an individually tailored, biopsychosocial model of evidence-based approaches to meet the patient and their significant others where they are ready to begin the process of change.
  • http://www.inter-care.com/index.php/about-us/career-opportunities Inter-Care - Career, Volunteer, and Internship Opportunities at INTER-CARE - THE INTER-CARE APPROACH. The INTER-CARE model focuses on long-term recovery and personal growth. Our therapeutic approach provides the motivation, support, experience and tools that give our patients the ability to take on life’s daily challenges.
  • http://www.inter-care.com/index.php/outpatient-services/outpatient-services Inter-Care - INTER-CARE Focuses on Long Term Success via our Outpatient Services - INTER-CARE's outpatient services model focuses on long-term recovery and personal growth. Our therapeutic approach provides the motivation, support, experience and tools that give our patients the ability to take on life’s daily challenges.
  • http://www.inter-care.com/index.php/outpatient-services/outpatient-detox-services Inter-Care - Outpatient Detox Services - INTER-CARE offers outpatient detox services, also known as Ambulatory Withdrawal Management Services (AWMS).  We provide medically supervised out...
  • http://www.inter-care.com/index.php/outpatient-services/support-groups Inter-Care - Public Community Support Groups at INTER-CARE - These support groups at INTER-CARE are open to the public to help you in your road to recovery from drug, alcohol, or substance abuse.
  • http://www.inter-care.com/index.php/inter-care-alumni/the-importance-of-aftercare Inter-Care - Aftercare Is Key to Prolonged Sobriety - INTER-CARE believes that it is vital that you begin to build a strong foundation of sober support in sobriety. Aftercare is paramount to saying sober.
  • http://www.inter-care.com/index.php/resources Inter-Care - Resources - External links to help substance, alcohol, or drug abusers gain more insight to their or their family members condition.

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  • Matt B. - Note: Oil Adapters may not be needed...

    Radiator installed like a dream once the installer (me) realized that the adapters for the oil lines were NOT needed. They looked close to what it needed, but the lines wouldn't start. Only after removing one so I could go find the "Correct" ones did I realize that the oil lines do not need the included adapters, but the transmission cooling lines did. Everything was included that was needed, but I would recommend getting a set of hose clamps as the overflow fitting is just a hair smaller than the original and the original clamp didn't fit. Other than that, no other issues were noted. On a plus side, the o-rings from the unused adapters fit perfectly on the original lines do that was an unneeded purchase. The only other thing you should need to install besides hose clamps is a radiator cap. Seems identical to original otherwise.

  • MissP - Better than expected

    I was rather skeptical of spending this much on custom floor mats. But dealling with oilfield workers who SWEAR by Weathertech I bit the bullet and ordered for my new truck. I was also somewhat skeptical of them fitting correctly since the new models haven't been out that long. The FedEx driver brought my mats in two days and was telling me about her Weathertech mats. I didn't realize so many people really used them. So I went to the car wash with my boxes in hand to vaccum the rugs I was going to replace and the owner of the car wash was RAVING about his Weathertech. Mine fit perfectly, looked great, covered well, and were shipped fast. So I am pretty confident that the oilfield guys, the FedEx girl, the car wash owner AND myself made a great choice with Weathertech.

  • Thomas Knight - Not worth $100..

    I've tried it for over a week now and havnt noticed the slightest change in anything. Oh & P.S. All of these other reviews seem extra fake to me.

  • Zachary Stanley - One Star

    Do not use! It prevents nothing more than the window will on its own, and the warranty covers nothing!

  • Nicole Moroz - Do not buy!! Scam!!

    I was a brief distributor for this company. I will never go back. Ever! What they don't openly tell people is that their supplements are made for a 150lb person. If you weight more, you need to take more. This suppliment did nothing for me except make me nauseous and have heartburn. Huge waste of money. You're better off with a gym membership rather than this overpriced pill. I tried several of their products. The greens were amazing! Everything else is a waste of money and they rope you in for 3 months as a loyal customer and you are obligated to continue buying from them. GNC people 😊