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  • Seba - Issue

    The product I arrived on time and the place where I had requested, but the problem is that it came with a missing front wheel which was not yet solved.

  • Colleen F. - I like so many others have tried every "miracle" product and ...

    Ok so I dont normally do reviews but for this product I feel I must. I got this product without high expectations. I like so many others have tried every "miracle" product and solution out there for years. None of course was the cure. As I aged I realized there is no miracle so I went into getting this product with eyes open. Years ago I had knee issues and had this same type therapy done at the pt office and know the general thoughts behind it. I also understand its not promising miracles. This belt is not about losing weight. Its about tightening and maintaining and abdominal muscle structure. This is probably one of the best investments I have made. I have a pretty severe case of diastasis recti from several surgeries and a ventral hernia and within a couple weeks of using this belt I began noticing a difference in the muscle structure. My large bulge is not as noticeable now. This belt has really helped. I wear it daily and am not even at max quite yet. Still only at the 130 power range so far. I would definately recommend this to those needing help with abdominal muscle integrity. For those thinking this will help them lose weight and is a "miracle " cure all, its not.

  • Amazon Customer - Computer Code Errors

    I have used H&R Block software for the past several years and loved it. This year is a totally different story. As usual I loaded the software without problem; however, I kept getting many error codes when I tried to import last year's data. I got so frustrated I decided to just start from scratch and STILL received the same error codes. I contacted H&R Block technical services and after a lengthy conversation I was told a "Level 2 technician would call me back within 24 hours" as the person I was speaking with did not know how to fix the errors. Note: I have some computer background so I knew the error codes I was receiving where due to "bugs" in the actual software. It has been almost a month and I never received the return call. I wanted to complete my taxes, so I purchased TurboTax, and was able to complete all states and Federal within one day. H&R Block lost a loyal customer.

  • Mulepick - Good product

    Good product to get rid of the unsightly long OEM antenna. This one is sturdy and won't snap off like another aftermarket antenna did and it goes through car washes just fine. Haven't noticed any substandard reception.

  • Amazon Customer - used this product for a week and I am seeing results. Love it. It really does speed up healing for any blemish.

    So I have used this product for a week and I am seeing results. Love it. It really does speed up healing for any blemish. It doesn't lie. I have a consistent sun damage spots on my legs and arms that has caused scarring and scabs. The scabs have healed completely without any scarring in less than a week. While deeper scabs heal within about 10 days rather than taking weeks to heal. As for scars and red marks left from bad scabs I have had from years in the sun they have begun to lighten in color because of the use of this product. Basically, this products does work as it says it does if used as directed. I received this product at a discount for my honest review.