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  • My Ngo - How I'm doing it

    It isn't a miracle diet but it's helping. I didn't think I could do this because I really like solid food but I found its working for me. I have a blended shake in the morning with almond milk and frozen fruits and again in the evening. I have a sensible lunch and keep under 1200 cals a day. I snack every 2 hrs and I generally eat a snack that is 100-150 cals. I recommend using almond milk or soymilk. I've tried it with water and it sucks. Also, try the mix-in. I particularly liked the strawberries and chocolate but I hate the orange. Meh.

  • dan kinsman - no more leak

    my sons 2001 nissan pickup has ben leaking for months tryed to use 2 other products to no success. put this in and the front main seal stopped leaking within the first week. it's ben a month now still no leaks happy dad

  • Luke Storey - Sceptical at first but pleasantly surprised

    I was very sceptical when buying and trying this for the first time, and perhaps even more surprised when I tried it for the second time and it worked again, confirming that it was having an effect. This product is less of what of what I would call a 'hangover' cure, but more of a feeling drunk cure. After taking it, there is a remarkable effect of feeling less drunk, with better mental clarity and motor function. It obviously cannot help the churning stomach, and the first time I took it, I struggled to keep it down, however it is absolutely worth persevering, as the next morning the only sign that I had been drinking the night before was an upset stomach.

  • arlita s robinson - The best Ionic curling iron

    Works great and makes your hair very shiny. I only use it as a curling iron and I have very frizzy long hair , but flat irons make my hair too straight and hard to put a curl in. I take a piece and brush it through first to smooth it, then I curl it. Also you can use styling gel with it. Which I need badly to hold the curl. The other ionic irons you cannot and I hate that you have to wrap it around the iron and try to hold it. All I ever get is waves that only last for about ten minutes.

  • L. Hays - Great Product - GREAT Customer Service!

    We have owned this trampoline for a couple of years now and have only had to replace the spring pad and just recently, the enclosure netting. I was originally given the incorrect item # from Skywalker's customer service rep, and after waiting some time for this item to become available from backorder, one it arrived, we realized it was the wrong net for our trampoline model.

  • Angie D - Jury is still out ~ review revisited

    I started using Rogaine about 1 month ago and am still experiencing some shedding. I heard that this is pretty common and that it takes about 3 to 4 months to start seeing results. During the first few weeks I experienced the dry, itchy scalp but I remedied that problem by using a better conditioning product.

  • Sara / Gull Cottage - Cute Polish Bottle Holder Prevents Spills

    Cute nail polish holder - firmly grips the bottle so no more spills. Bought it for my granddaughter but decided to keep it for myself. Works like a charm - spares my antique furniture from spills.Comfortably fits fingers, too. Highly recommend.