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  • Man from Michigan - So much better than the $25 version that I bought

    So much better than the $25 version that I bought. Fit is much better (no gap to sheet-metal) and opening width is wider. If you are thinking of saving the $100 between the knock-off and this, as I tried to.....don't. You will buy both.

  • Angela Montague - excellent product and I used in conjunction with the diatomaceous ...

    works well......i sprayed every 2 to 3 days for the 1st month. then once a week for the next month. haven't seen any since the 1st month but sprayed just to be sure the 2nd month. its been 3 months now. and have had no problems. No more bugs...excellent product and I used in conjunction with the diatomaceous powder.

  • Kayla S. - Decent anti virus but totally slow down your computer

    I've been a Norton user for years but switched because all of the problems it caused my computers. It's a great anti virus don't get me wrong but other than that it's horrible. It scans when it's not scheduled to, I tried a million times to fix it. It would scan while my computer was "sleeping" but I'd be using it and it would slow everything down. It would also scan in the middle of the night but not shut down my computer after so my computer would be really hot by morning. I've had norton on multiple computers (desktop and laptop) and it would do the same things.

  • Meg Johnston - 3 Generations Love BioSilk

    Works great on long and short hair. Leaves hair tangle free, soft, and shiny. After I run my fingers through my hair to spread the BioSilk, I rub any remaining on the backs of my hands -- it keeps them healthy, hydrated, and looking much younger than 57 years old. Both my daughter and daughter-in-law use BioSilk on their daughters' long hair and wouldn't be without it!

  • Jon H. Thompson - Warning - for those taking heart or cancer medications

    This review is a caution about this black seed supplements based on my own experience. Last night I woke up with what felt like a sinus headache and slight nausea. I got out of bed and found that I also had a severe loss of balance. The next morning the headache persisted although my balance gradually returned. The pressure in my head felt like the result of a sugar or salt binge. I thought back to what I might have eaten the day before. The only thing different was the black seed capsules, which had recently arrived in the mail. I did a web search and found many glowing reports of the health benefits of black seed. However, I also found that the Livestrong web site has this to say about the side effects of Black Seed: “...black seed can lower blood pressure to the point of hypotension, especially if you're currently taking a diuretic or antihypertensive medication. The drop in blood pressure impedes the transport of oxygen to the brain, heart and other organs. This can result in fatigue, nausea, blurred vision, shallow breathing, dizziness, lightheadedness and loss of consciousness. If blood pressure dips too low, it may be life-threatening.” Livestrong goes on to say, “Black seed is also known to adversely interact with both chemotherapy medications and radiation, according to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Since it may act like an antioxidant in the body, this herbal supplement can decrease the efficacy of standard cancer treatments.” Because I take a medication to lower my high blood pressure, I assume that the black seed lowered it even further, producing the noted effects. This is only a guess. I did not take the black seed this morning and by noon I was more or less back to normal, with only a slight headache. Those on cancer or heart medications might take note in case similar symptoms appear.