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C o n r o y & C o m p a n y : Barristers and solicitors - Conroy & Company's practice is primarily in the criminal law area and related constitutional and administrative law matters arising out of the administration of sentences of imprisonment in both Federal and Provincial prisons and conditional release or parole and other similar issues.

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  • Gretta - On light days it is almost like I don't have a period at all

    On light days it is almost like I don't have a period at all. I just change them during my morning shower and night time showers and its like the infomercial "set it and forget it". They hold up better then tampons, and though I usually wear a panty liner or a pad (because I'm paranoid) they don't usually leak. On heavy days I find them somewhat messy and inconvenient to change. Switching them out in a public restroom can be difficult, and if not switched on heavy days they will occasionally shift and leak. I'm so in love with them on light days, it is life changing. Also they are excellent at night, even on heavy days they are by far the best overnight protection I've ever used. After trying this product, I'm very interested in the non disposable options, though I have not tried them yet. If you are still using pads and tampons, try these, you won't regret it!

  • Fiddler's Green INC - Obama care does it again.

    I used the money I saved by switching to the affordable care act to buy this TV. Thanks President Obama!

  • Paul Harradine - Great product al round

    Great product al round. Great HD definition, no stalls buffering even when I had 3 other computers within 5 yards of me freezing all at once, this computer just kept working. Highly recommended.