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Trucking Jobs Across the U.S. | Join Comcar Industries - We wouldn't be anywhere without our drivers. Performance bonuses, safety awards, comprehensive insurance and 401k are just some of our benefits.

  • https://www.joincomcar.com/home/military/ Trucking Jobs for Veterans | Comcar Trucking Jobs - We're honored to hire from the nation's finest talent pool. Whether you’re new or a seasoned pro, we’ll help you transition into your new career.
  • https://www.joincomcar.com/our-carriers/ccc-company-drivers/ Dry Bulk Truck Driving Jobs | Comcar Trucking Jobs - At CCC, you can choose the schedule and equipment that’s right for you, your career goals and your family.
  • https://www.joincomcar.com/our-carriers/ctl-company-drivers/ Liquid Bulk Truck Driving Jobs at CTL | Comcar Trucking Jobs - We pride ourselves on offering the competitive pay of a large company with the family atmosphere and personal attention of a smaller operation.
  • https://www.joincomcar.com/our-carriers/ct-company-drivers/ Flatbed Trucking Jobs at CT | Comcar Trucking Jobs - CT delivers the flexibility, pay and benefits you need to make your job a satisfying part of your life. If you’re ready to be put first, Join Comcar.

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  • Wendell Wittler - The Ultimate Achievement from the Rand-om Corporation

    This has the potential to become one of the most controversial books ever published. After all, the whole concept of "Random Numbers" flies in the face of both the emerging religious concept of "Intelligent Design" and the scientific orthodoxy about an "Elegant Universe". And those trying to uphold the standards of morality are sure to be shocked, SHOCKED at the 100,000 Deviates the book is claiming are "Normal" (not to mention discovering that there are just as many Republicans as Democrats on the list). I expect a lot of statisticians of all philosophical stripes are going to be digging deeply into this volume and there are sure to be many challenges that a listing that begins with "10097" and "32533" is truly random. And like many of the more avant-garde works of art, it's sure to be frequently dismissed as "boring" or "for numbers geeks only". But this is the kind of book that is destined to change the world - or not; it's really a coin toss.

  • KazeAru - Overall I thinks it's a good multifunction tracking tool but is cumbersome because of the ...

    It works while your bluetooth is turned on but shows up as a keyboard input on u have to turn that off each time you connect if you want to use your qwerty keyboard. One other problem is that having bluetooth on all day drains battery which is not helpful in the everyday struggle of keeping charged. Overall I thinks it's a good multifunction tracking tool but is cumbersome because of the different settings you must change to use it each time you connect. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

  • AmazonAddict - Expensive Koolaid like everyone else says..

    I stopped smoking 31 days before I had a drug test (I was a very heavy smoker, and still wasn't clean) I was hoping this would aid, just enough to pass a home test. I tested myself multiple times, and followed the instructions exactly as it said on the bottle, I even drank a gallon and a half of water before hand to dilute my urine, and I still failed multiple times. Complete ripoff.

  • Judy - Not what I expected

    It's more than what I needed. It would probably appeal to someone that needed all the functions of this product.

  • elena lisa - best thing since french toast

    WOW!!! i love this thing! my boyfriend and i love waffles, especially for dessert with french vanilla ice cream (YUMMY) but we were getting tired of buying overpriced eggos and feeling guilty every time we ate them because of the preservatives; plus i've always had this dream of starting a "family sunday breakfast" tradition - - - so finally i decided to plunk out the dough to buy a real waffle iron. i considered getting a $30 model to try and to see how much we would really use it once we had it, but this one got such good reviews, i decided to take the chance. i really liked the idea of the "flip" iron, too. it's AWESOME, i'm so glad i went for it. the first time i used the recipe for "classic waffle" batter that comes with the iron. good, but honestly just took too long to prepare from scratch, and too much mess for a couple waffles, even really good ones. i went downstairs, saying "ok, i'm gonna go make waffles," and half an hour later, my bf came looking for me...("what happened to you, i thought you were just going to make waffles")

  • Buffalo - Nothing better, easy to use

    Nothing better, easy to use. Wipes off easily and looks great. If you buff the shine only gets better.