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  • Steve G. - Potent

    If you can get this product at cheap enough price (given that you'll probably use it all up in one go), it's definitely worthwhile. It helped me eliminate some nasty limestone deposits from my toilet bowl.

  • Gary Wahl - Turned out it was a bad vendor record that all that needed to be done ...

    It takes much more effort to do a simply transaction that previous versions. A real step backward. To top it all, Intuit doesn't support its own product. Any time it doesn't work they want to charge you $150 more for support. We did this previously and we paid them. After sending our company file that they kept for about six days it was returned to us and the exact same problem still existed. Turned out it was a bad vendor record that all that needed to be done was delete the records and recreate it. We ended up solving the problem ourselves after paying them $150. The updated version that they force you to buy or they won't support payroll anymore, in my opinion STINKS, First problem was when it wouldn't update properly within the first sixty days they wanted another $150 to solve the problem. In my opinion Intuit is following the lead of a growing number of American companies, screw the customer!!! Reminds me of the drug companies an General Motors. We know there is a problem but lets kill a bunch of people because the legal costs will be way less than we make. It's just part of the cost of doing business.

  • Kelly - Great stuff - worked for me!

    This stuff really does work. I have tried many foot creams to get rid of my dry cracked heels. I soak my feet at night and then rub in the cream and put on cotton socks for the night. It took about 3 nights using the Flexitol and I could see the cracks starting to disappear. I have tried the same process with other foot creams as well as Vaseline with no luck. The Flexitol worked! I will get more when this runs out. I haven't done that with any other foot cream.

  • Nearly Nubile - ONE PERSPECTIVE ONLY

    This fluently written book aims to offer insight into what makes the top companies tick and reach that level above and beyond being simply "good". Eleven such superstar companies are singled out according to 5 years worth of research -- Abbot Labs, Circuit City, Fannie Mae, Gillette, Kimberly-Clark, Kroger, Nucor, Philip Morris, Pitney Bowes, Walgreens, and Wells Fargo -- on the basis of 15-year stock returns.

  • Faith Lyons - Steves' Guides are Head and Shoulders Above the Others

    Rick Steves' books are the best. I bought his and Lonely Planet's for our trip to Rome, and Steves was in a ll way superior. Even the pull-out map was easier to use and had more information on it. Steves' book has so many useful features like a two-page spread of the best things to see, rated, with all th key information. You can get all you need in one page at-a-glance, rather than having to go to the section on each attraction. Yes, information is repeated in various sections, but for different purposes and in such a way that makes the info you need at the time all in one place. Such as looking for restaurants -- they are listed by proximity to key attractions. It hsa lots of great practical info too that I didn't find elsewhere. I have used his guide to London, too, and highly recommend them over other guides.