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  • http://www.juicer-reviews-and-recipes.com/jamba-juice-caribbean-passion.html Jamba Juice Caribbean Passion - Passion-mango fruit juice to taste Fresh strawberries to taste Fresh peaches peeled and pitted to taste Orange sherbet to taste 1 cup ice, crushed Blend
  • http://www.juicer-reviews-and-recipes.com/peanut-butter-banana-hemp-smoothie.html Peanut Butter Banana Hemp Smoothie - If you love peanut butter and bananas, you'll love this smoothie. 1 banana 1 Tbs. natural unsalted peanut butter (to taste) 1 cup of ice Dash of vanilla
  • http://www.juicer-reviews-and-recipes.com/jamba-juice-razzma-tazz.html Jamba Juice Razzma Tazz - 1 Cup raspberry juice 2 Cups raspberry sherbet 1 Cup sliced strawberries 1/2 Sliced banana 1 1/2 cup ice Blend ingredients until smooth
  • http://www.juicer-reviews-and-recipes.com/strawberry-delight-smoothie.html Strawberry Delight Smoothie - 1/2 cup Wegmans brand frozen fruit Strawberries 1/2 cup Vanilla yogurt 1 cup Milk Wheat Germ - optional to taste Maple Syrup to taste 1/2 cup ice Mix
  • http://www.juicer-reviews-and-recipes.com/breville-je95xl-twospeed-juice-fountain-plus-good-juicer-a-few-too-many-parts.html Breville JE95XL Two-Speed Juice Fountain Plus. Good Juicer - a few too many parts - I purchased the Breville Juice Fountain Plus JE95XL as a gift for a family member. It juices great! I really like the de-frothing feature. It was reasonably
  • http://www.juicer-reviews-and-recipes.com/ikon-good-but-not-as-good-as-advertised.html Ikon Good, But Not As Good As Advertised - Music Mitch's Review of the Breville Ikon: Cons: It's big, bulky. I found that it leaks juice onto the counter from several spots. It's too time consuming
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    There really is no better foot care product out there. I have always suffered from dry feet that get cracked and rough. I have literally tried just about everything to alleviate this issue and on a whim I bought this product and it is amazing. The smell is not the best on earth but it's not horrible and the benefits outweigh the sent of the product. Results are as quick as described. Hands down one of the best products on the maker.

  • Chris - I love it! I have it plugged into my 80s ...

    I love it! I have it plugged into my 80s era amplifier to stream from my phone, and unplug it for when I want to listen on the go. I may even buy another one so I don't have to "bother" with the unplugging. An extra bonus is that my phone, on it's own, doesn't put out a whole lot of volume, but having it send audio through this gives it a lot more!

  • bigbubba13 - 5 Stars

    I only received the front. I hope the rears are coming! Received the rear ones a week later They are good products

  • robert perez - Exceeding my expectations

    As a long time AutoCad user for PC, I had very high expectations for this version on the Mac. I heard a few bad reviews but still needed to purchase the software since I'm solely on a Mac platform. So far, I can't say enough great things about this version. It's meeting all my needs for drafting Architectural plans. One feature that is proving especially useful is the compatibility with PDF's. You can now snap to endpoints in the PDF. Something that you couldn't do in the past. The software has been very stable and has had no problems opening up my old autocad files. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a version of Autocad to do drafting work but does not need to do any 3D modeling.

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    Great for when you don't want to think or plan, it's like a liquid vitamin you're getting them in steady. Also reminds you to drink water. If you do it "as directed" you're on a 800 total liquid calorie diet for two days (so 400 a day). Good for a Jumpstart but wouldn't be long term results obviously. We preferred to use it a replacement drinks for on the go. Does contain heavy (natural) sugars though.