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  • Katie Tyler - Love love love

    Love love love! I use my after party everyday and it keeps my hair happy and healthy! I dye my hair a lot and my beautician can never believe how healthy my hair is when I go in for a trim. I will buy continuously!

  • K. Andry - Shrinks fibroids

    I took the full recommended dosage. I had three very large fibroids (13cm, 9cm, and 7cm respectively) that I was trying to shrink before I had surgery to completely remove them (open myomectomy). I took this in conjunction with Nattokinase (full dosage), Vitex tincture (2 full droplets first thing in the morning), DIM (double the full daily dosage...so between 400mg-800mg a day), and I gave up coffee during that period (Fibroids are mainly caused by estrogen dominance and coffee promotes estrogen dominance, as well as alcohol and industrial meat. So, I gave up meat as well. I couldn't give up a glass of wine after work. Hehe). In a matter of 3 months (the time period between when I went into preterm labor due to the fibroids and we lost our baby girl, and when I was due to have surgery) my fibroids shrank to 8cm, 7cm, and 5cm. My gyno was shocked. I thought maybe if I didn't have the surgery I could've shrank them even more over the course of a year. We wanted to TTC as soon as possible, and also the fibroids were pushing on some major organs and my spine, affecting my health. There's a lot of research to support that taking enzymes, specifically this on combined with Nattokinase, shrinks fibroids. As far as I'm concerned, it worked wonders for me.

  • Jewy McJew - Should be required for all computer-nerds (update: keeps breaking) :(

    Five minutes a day of crunches would produce better results, but if your like me that just isn't going to happen. (face it, we are a lazy species) Nevertheless, none of us have an excuse not to put on a belt and press a few buttons. Specially when the outcome is a tighter stomach, better posture, and less back pain.