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Karsten - Home - Os melhores produtos para sua casa você encontra na Karsten: jogo de cama, edredom e cobre-leito, toalhas de mesa e banho, e uma infinidade de tecidos para decoração. Renove sua casa, renove sua vida, renove-se com Karsten!

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  • maria angelova - Overrated

    The belt pads only are good for 2 weeks until you have to replace them and the belt itself doesn't really give you the abs results that it advertises , I have been using it for 4 weeks now 5 days a week at high intensity level and I still don't see any difference, I eat healthy and I also exercise 2-3 days week with abdominL exercises at home via DVD . I am kind of very disappointed and will be asking for my refund back.

  • Mark Sisson - The most extensive book on fasting out there

    Excellent. In recent years, intermittent fasting has become a growing interest of mine. Personally, I've adhered to a compressed eating window and seen great results. Although I've studied the benefits of intermittent fasting pretty extensively, Jimmy still offered up a slew of new information. The book is both accessible to the layperson, but uncompromising in the hard evidence it offers for its conclusions. He covers the intricacies of insulin resistance, gluconeogenesis, and offers real testimonials and labs from people who have experienced the benefits of fasting. I enjoyed his investigation into physiological biomarkers like growth hormones and metabolic rate, but also his attention to the history of the practice--referencing great fasters like Mark Twain (a tidbit I didn't know before reading the book).

  • Rachel - spacious and clean layout makes this perfect. Each course I take is assigned a colored ...

    Although I am not a teacher, I wanted a planner for my second year of college that was bigger than what I've used previously. The bright colors, spacious and clean layout makes this perfect. Each course I take is assigned a colored pen, so I need space for all classes and their corresponding homework. Definitely in love with this brand and their planners!

  • Rose - I love that you can save recipes in My Recipes

    I love that you can save recipes in My Recipes. No more cutting recipes out and forgetting where I put them.

  • Robin Schaap - Don't be the only one not to know..

    A few days ago I was invited to a big party by people I just recently met. Not really knowing anyone there I was standing by the drinks for a while, trying to get a feel of the crowd. When I finally decided to step towards a group of interesting looking folks they quickly scattered away with a frightened look on their faces. At first I felt hurt. Was it my cologne? Did my reputation precede me again? ..It was far worse.. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder and when I turned around, I was standing face to face with a huge ship that had sneaked up on me. I panicked, but I didn't have any idea what to do, so I just stood there, frozen. The ship looked at me for a while and then just started yapping on and on about mussels and seagulls and whatnot. I couldn't get a word in edgewise, let alone change the subject. To my horror I was stuck for the entire evening with this huge ship that everyone else avoided so easily. Apparently I was the only one in the room that didn't know how to do that. When in the end of the evening it started to hint it needed her "sinking fixed" and poked me while saying it was feeling "ship horney" and wanted to test my "bow thruster" I knew I had to run for my life. I barely escaped in one piece, so the first thing I did when I was safe at home was order this book. Never again will I be the only one at the party not knowing how to avoid these horrible huge ships, they're lousy conversationalists.

  • John Ford - Ford 55

    Really High Quality Frames That I Took To My Optometrist Today To Have Prescription Placed In The Frames For Every Day Use. I Am Pleased That I purchased these Frames On Line Because At The Optometrist's Office The Price Was Quadrupled.