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LASIK Baltimore | Cataract Surgery Rosedale | Retina Bel Air, Towson - Welcome to Katzen Eye Group, home of the Baltimore area's premier ophthalmologists & optometrists. Serving Rosedale, Lutherville, Bel Air, Towson & more.

  • http://www.katzeneye.com/about.htm About Us | Katzen Eye Group | Baltimore, MD Ophthalmologists - Katzen Eye Group are the premier ophthalmologists in the greater Baltimore area. We are proud to serve Baltimore, Rosedale, Luterville and beyond!
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/history.htm Katzen Eye Group | Our History | Baltimore MD Ophthalmologists - Katzen Eye Group has risen from humble beginnings in 1968 to be Baltimore's premier ophthalmology providers. Learn more about our history here!
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/surgery-center.htm Surgery Center Baltimore | Dulaney Ambulatory Surgery | Katzen - Dulaney Eye Institute (DEI) is a free-standing ambulatory surgery center, owned and operated by EyeCare Services Partners.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/eye-doctors-baltimore.htm Eye Doctors Baltimore | Ophthalmologists Maryland | Katzen Eye - Meet our team of professional ophthalmologists & optometrists. Our doctors are dedicated to providing exceptional patient care to Baltimore & beyond.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-katzen-ophthalmologist-baltimore.htm Dr. Leeds Katzen | Ophthalmologist Baltimore | Ophthalmic Surgery - As founder of Katzen Eye Group, Dr. Katzen is dedicated to ensuring that his practice offers Baltimore, Rosedale & more the best eye care around.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-marcic-cataract-surgeon-rosedale.htm Dr. Marcic | Cataract Surgery Rosedale | Glaucoma Specialist Towson - Dr. Marcic is a Katzen Eye Group ophthalmologist specializing in cataract surgery & management of glaucoma in Lutherville, Towson & Rosedale.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-abrams-pediatric-ophthalmologist-lutherville.htm Dr. Abrams | Pediatric Ophthalmologist Towson Adult Strabismus - Dr. Abrams of Katzen Eye Group is an ophthalmologist focusing on pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus treatment in Lutherville, Towson and Bel Air.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-katzen-ophthalmologist-lutherville.htm Dr. Katzen | General Ophthalmologist Lutherville Cataract Surgeon - Dr. Katzen of Katzen Eye Group is an ophthalmologist specializing in cataract surgery and general ophthalmology in Lutherville and Towson.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-macquaid-cosmetic-surgeon-baltimore.htm Dr. MacQuaid | Eyelid & Facial Plastic Surgeon Baltimore - Dr. MacQuaid offers Katzen Eye Group patients reconstructive & aesthetic eyelid surgery as well as other cosmetic services in Baltimore,Lutherville & more!
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-lapinsky-general-ophthalmologist-lutherville.htm Dr. Lapinsky | Cataract Surgeon Lutherville | Ophthalmologist Towson - Dr. Lapinsky is an ophthalmologist at Katzen Eye, specializing in cataract surgery, laser vision correction & general ophthalmology in Lutherville & Towson.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/donna-booth-m-d-f-a-c-s.htm Donna Booth, MD, FACS | Baltimore Ophthalmologist | Katzen Eye Group - Meet Dr Donna Booth, one of the many dedicated eye doctors of Katzen Eye Group. Dr Booth specializes in consultative ophthalmology and cataract surgery.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-harlan-retina-specialist-baltimore.htm Dr. Harlan | Vitreous & Retinal Disease Specialist Baltimore - Dr. Harlan is a Katzen Eye Group retina specialist working on management of vitreous and retinal diseases at our Baltimore, Lutherville and Towson offices.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-grodin-retina-specialist-baltimore.htm Dr. Grodin | Retina Specialist Baltimore | Retina Surgeon Lutherville - Dr. Grodin is a Katzen Eye Group board certified Vitreo-Retinal specialist and surgeon serving Baltimore, Lutherville, Towson and Rosedale.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-zimmerman-cataract-surgeon-rosedale.htm Dr. Zimmerman | Cataract Surgeon Rosedale General Ophthalmologist - Dr. Zimmerman of Katzen Eye Group specializes in general ophthalmology, dry eye services and cataract surgery at our Rosedale and Pasadena locations.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-navaleza-cataract-surgeon-bel-air.htm Dr. Navaleza | Cataract Surgeon Bel Air | Ophthalmologist Lutherville - Dr. Navaleza is a Katzen Eye Group ophthalmologist specializing in cataract surgery, laser vision correction & more in Bel Air, Lutherville & Towson.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-patel-cataract-surgeon-rosedale.htm Dr. Patel | Cataract Surgeon Rosedale | Ophthalmologist Pasadena - Dr. Patel is a Katzen Eye Group ophthalmologist specializing in general ophthalmology, cataract surgery & treatment & management of Uveitis in Rosedale & more!
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/richard-edlow-o-d.htm Richard Edlow, OD | Baltimore Optometrist | Katzen Eye Group - Dr Richard Edlow is the CEO of Katzen Eye Group and is an author & lecturer on such topics as Eye Care Management & technology implementation in ophthalmology.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-golub-optometrist-baltimore.htm Dr. Golub | Optometrist Baltimore | Comprehensive Eye Care Lutherville - Dr. Golub is a Katzen Eye Group optometrist specializing in comprehensive eye care, refractive services & contact lenses in Baltimore, Lutherville & Towson.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-baziz-optometrist-baltimore.htm Dr. Baziz | Comprehensive Eye Care Baltimore | Optometrist Lutherville - Dr. Baziz is a Katzen Eye Group optometrist specializing in comprehensive eye care, refractive services & contact lenses in Baltimore, Lutherville and Towson.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-novey-optometrist-baltimore.htm Dr. Novey | Optometrist Baltimore | Comprehensive Eye Care Lutherville - Dr. Novey is a Katzen Eye Group optometrist providing comprehensive eye care & assistance pre and post op cataract surgery in Baltimore, Lutherville & Towson.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-williams-optometrist-baltimore.htm Dr. Williams | Contact Lens Specialist Baltimore | Optometrist Towson - Dr. Williams is an optometrist with Katzen Eye Group specializing in specialty contact lenses, eye care & more! Serving Baltimore, Lutherville & Towson.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-burgos-glaucoma-specialist-lutherville.htm Dr. Burgos | Glaucoma Specialist Lutherville | Eye Care Towson - Dr. Burgos specializes in glaucoma services, comprehensive eye care & management of pre/post op cataract services for Katzen Eye Group in Lutherville & Towson.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-gormley-.htm Dr. Gormley | Optometrist Lutherville | Comprehensive Eye Care Bel Air - Dr. Gormley provides Eye Care, Refractive Services & Contact Lenses, Low Vision Services at Katzen Eye Group serving our Lutherville-Towson, Bel Air locations.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-sportelli-eye-care-rosedale.htm Dr. Sportelli | Cataracts Rosedale. | Comprehensive Eye Care Rosedale - Dr. Sportelli specializes in Comprehensive Eye Care, Management of Pre and Post Operative Cataract at Katzen Eye Group serving Rosedale.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/fr-leikin-lasik-lutherville.htm Dr. Leikin | LASIK Surgery Lutherville | Cataract Surgery Bel Air - Dr. Leikin is the Director of LASIK & Premium Surgical Services at Katzen Eye Group serving Lutherville, Towson and Bel Air.
  • http://www.katzeneye.com/dr-casey-optometrist-lutherville.htm Dr. Casey | Specialty Contact Lenses Lutherville | Eye Care Rosedale - Dr. Casey specializes in Comprehensive Eye Care & Surgical Co-Management at Katzen Eye Group serving Lutherville, Bel Air, Rosedale, Pasadena & more.

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