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KBI Biopharma | World Class CMO/CDMO Biologics Services - KBI Biopharma, Inc. is a world class biopharmaceutical CMO/CDMO services organization who has been partnering with leading biologics developers large and small since 1996.

  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/how-we-help/ How KBI helps Big Pharma - KBI’s broad range of product development services, deep expertise in therapeutic proteins, and flexible business model make us an excellent partner for large pharmaceutical companies.
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/how-we-help/emerging-biotech/ How KBI helps Emerging Biotechs - KBI’s track record demonstrates that we are an ideal outsourcing partner for emerging biotech companies.
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/how-we-help/technology-platform-companies/ How KBI helps Technology Platform Companies - Many of the most exciting and impactful therapeutics in development today originate from technology platforms
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/how-we-help/academicresearch-institutions-looking-to-license/ How KBI helps Academic/Research Institutions - KBI’s expertise and capabilities can rapidly advance an institution’s protein into a viable product, unlocking potential value for patients, investors, and the institutional creators..
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/how-we-help/vc-private-equity-firms/ How KBI helps Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms - KBI is ideally positioned to support venture capital firms and their portfolio companies with a range of contract services and deep expertise in therapeutic protein process and product development and manufacturing.
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/ KBI Biopharma | Preclinical / Preliminary POC Capabilities - KBI offers unique preclinical / preliminary POC packages designed to deliver product within your timeline and budgetary constraints, but with a “planning for success” mindset with respect to the process and product quality.
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/by-phase/ind-enabling-tox/ KBI Biopharma | IND-Enabling Toxicology Supply - KBI’s comprehensive therapeutic protein development capabilities and process development infrastructure make us an ideal partner for clients seeking to enter pivotal toxicology studies.
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/by-phase/clinical-phase-i-ii/ KBI Biopharma | Phase I-II Capabilities - KBI provides our clients with unparalleled expertise in product and process development services to enable “first in human” clinical trials.
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/by-phase/phase-iii-commercial/ KBI Biopharma | Phase III / Commercial Capabilities - KBI’s capabilities and experience include significant support of late stage clinical and commercial biologics. Our 2000L mammalian cGMP manufacturing facility is designed to comply with phase III / commercial regulatory requirements
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/by-clinical-strategy/ KBI Biopharma | New Biological Entities (NBEs) - KBI’s broad range of product development services, deep expertise in therapeutic proteins, and flexible business model make us an excellent partner for large and small biopharmaceutical companies.
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/by-clinical-strategy/orphan-drug-fast-track/ KBI Biopharma | Orphan Drug - Fast Track Programs - For clients developing orphan drug and/or fast track products, a “standard” CMO just doesn’t cut it. A customary full development package takes too long to get clinical grade drug product to the patients who so desperately need it.
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/by-clinical-strategy/biosimilars/ KBI Biopharma | Biosimilars Development - KBI has a proven track record supporting biosimilar product development. From cell line development to a state of the art mass spectrometry core facility, we have all the capabilities and expertise required…
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/by-clinical-strategy/breakthroughsfast-track/ KBI Biopharma | Breakthrough Therapies / Fast Track Drugs for Rare Diseases - For clients developing breakthrough/fast track products, for rare diseases a “standard” CMO just doesn’t cut it. A customary full development package takes too long to get clinical grade drug product to the patients who so desperately need it.
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/by-service/ KBI Biopharma | Formulation Development - KBI offers data-driven formulation development services focused on eliminating uncontrolled stability variables.
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/by-service/analytical-method-development-testing/ KBI Biopharma | Analytical Development - Analytics is the foundation upon which KBI launched its contract services business. Today, as our offering has expanded to include extensive process development and cGMP manufacturing services
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/by-service/protein-characterization/ KBI Biopharma | Protein Characterization - Protein characterization is at the heart of KBI’s service offerings. We offer a comprehensive range of analytical, biophysical, mass spectrometry, and biological assay capabilities.
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/by-service/mass-spectrometry-core-facility/ KBI Biopharma | Mass Spectrometry Core Facility - Mass spectrometry is among the most powerful analytical techniques available for protein characterization. KBI’s state-of-the-art mass spectrometry core facility delivers unparalleled structural characterization services to our clients.
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/by-service/release-testing-and-stability-programs/ KBI Biopharma | Release Testing and Stability Programs - KBI excels in the performance of accelerated and long-term stability studies, from developing the protocol to delivering a technical document ready to be placed into your regulatory submission.
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/by-service/cell-line-development/ Capabilities by Service: Cell Line Development - KBI has successfully used established mammalian and microbial recombinant protein expression systems to provide rapid clone and cell line generation services.
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/by-service/process-development/ Process Development - KBI’s extensive process development capabilities help our partners generate active product at an attractive cost while enabling rapid, reliable transfer to cGMP manufacturing.
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/by-service/process-characterizationscale-down-validation/ Capabilities by Service: Process characterization and scale-down validation studies - KBI performs late-stage process characterization and scale-down validation studies as a stand-alone package to support late-stage process development and commercialization from a client’s manufacturing plant or from KBI’s manufacturing plant
  • http://www.kbibiopharma.com/capabilities/by-service/technology-transfer/ KBI Biopharma | Technology Transfer - Successful technology transfer requires that four critical factors be executed flawlessly. KBI is well positioned in all four areas to meet client needs rapidly and cost effectively.

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  • Lauren P. - They give great support to my feet

    I needed to replace my Nike free sneakers, and found these to be just a little more padded, yet still very flexible. They give great support to my feet, and are comfortable to wear all day long.

  • colleywog - Love this mask

    this stuff is fantastic. It really pulls toxins out and leaves my skin bright and soft. Not an easy task because I have sensitive skin with roscea. I use it 2-3 times a week. At first, my skin would look quite red after using it for a very short time. Knew right away it was because of toxins. Now I just have bright and clear skin that lasts. At 56, that is not an easy task. I do not use any prescriptions for the roscea either because of products like this and using essential oils. It is perfectly under control and no one would know. Definitely worth a try!

  • Bigtexun - Thin retail box without heatsink and fan

    This is a quality product. However those of you that are used to retail boxes that come with heatsinks and fans should be aware that this retail package does not include cooling, you will need to buy cooling appropriate for your case.

  • Amazon Customer - Useful

    The week I was flying out of the country, I decided to buy this power bank. After a bit of tinkering, this turned out to be a great and useful purchase. Upon arrival, it instructs to be fully charged before usage. I connected the cable to an iPhone adapter and charged the bank for over 5 hours. There are 4 lights that estimate the level of charge and frustrated, it stayed unmoving and not charging at the 1st light. I switched the cable to my laptop to charge - no luck. I finally connected the cable to an iPad wall adapter and the power bank began to fully charge. Overall, it works great, my phone charges quickly, and I do not mind the weight of it at all.

  • Heather Cox - A little heavier than I would like. But I really like the digital percentage scale ...

    A little heavier than I would like. But I really like the digital percentage scale and also I can charge my phone multiple times on a 100% charge.